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Boats & Ships

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Boats & Ships

Post by actinglikeabanker on Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:12 pm

Marine Traffic

Why MarineTraffic?

MarineTraffic provides the most comprehensive maritime database to more than 6 million users monthly.•800 million vessel positions recorded monthly
•18 million vessel and port related events recorded monthly
•Details of over 650 thousand marine assets available (vessels, ports, lights)

MarineTraffic is the Global pioneer in AIS vessel tracking


Discover more than 1130000 vessels

Dive into the FleetMon Vessel Database and search for ships from all over the world. Search by name, IMO or MMSI numbers, flag state, length and vessel type. Add the ships to "My Fleet" with the "star" symbol in order to follow them later. Benefit from data recorded in the ship wiki and share your knowledge with the community.

Vessel Finder

Search in the vessel database by IMO number, MMSI or name. Monitor live vessel positions, current vessel destinations and last five port calls of each ship detected by AIS, using VesselFinder.

Books Boxes & Boats

Shipping Registers & Databases

Scottish Built Ships - The History of Shipbuilding In Scotland

Welcome to the Caledonian Maritime Research Trust

This web site aims to present the vital information and the careers of all vessels built by the shipyards of Scotland.
It is very much a "work in progress", so far recording over 35,000 vessels and their histories. In addition, it is planned to add brief histories of each shipbuilder.

This work based on detailed research over decades of a number of enthusiasts for Scottish Shipbuilding, and is being developed with the support of a team of volunteer data editors. The organisers have had two particular objectives in mind - not only to make available the most comprehensive information in an accessible format, but to ensure that it is secured for the long term. As a first step towards that, A Trust has been established and had taken responsibility for its future organisation and funding.

You are welcome to try out the database. Hopefully you will find your ship, though we cannot guarantee that the editors have yet completed the full details. Please give us some feedback on what you find and how easy it is to find it. And if you have the time and interest to join the team of editors, you will be very welcome.

Don't forget to register your canoe  Laughing

1. Overview

You must register or license your boat if you want to keep or use it on inland waterways, such as rivers and canals.

A boat is:
•any vessel with or without a motor, for example a sailing boat, river boat, canal boat or houseboat
•any ‘open boat’ such as canoe, paddle board, rowing boat or dinghy
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Not so newb

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Re: Boats & Ships

Post by pieintheskywhenIdie on Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:49 pm

Live tracking here ..
Didn't realise registration was now mandatory across the board for inland waterways, used not apply for boats without engines. Stick to the sea or at least tidal waters where the ancient rights still exist.

Not so newb
Not so newb

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Re: Boats & Ships

Post by Society of the Spectacle on Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:18 pm

@pieintheskywhenIdie wrote:Live tracking here ..
Didn't realise registration was now mandatory across the board for inland waterways, used not apply for boats without engines.   Stick to the sea or at least tidal waters where the ancient rights still exist.

Different set of pirates on the open sea.
Very Happy
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Re: Boats & Ships

Post by Sponsored content

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