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They Fight Back

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They Fight Back

Post by assassin on Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:02 am

Driver with grudge over speeding ticket gets 'revenge' against police by blocking camera with car

A driver with a grudge over a speeding ticket got "revenge" on police by blocking their camera with his car so other motorists would not get caught.

Chris Welford, 23, claimed he had been been hailed as a "hero" by some drivers after leaving his BMW a few feet behind Cleveland Police's speed camera van and opening the boot to obscure the view.

He said he stood by his 5 Series for an hour as motorists passed beeping their horns in admiration.

But police did not see the funny side and threatened Chris with arrest, the Teeside Gazette reports.

Cheeky Chris said: “I’ve been caught there in the past and just thought I would try and annoy them a little bit.

“When I saw the van I just thought to myself I had a spare few hours and nothing better to do, so why not?

“People have been loving it. One person got in touch and said: ‘Not all heroes wear capes’."

Chris said officers did not confront him when he parked his car near Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire, at the same spot where he was caught speeding five years ago.

But the offshore worker claimed he was visited hours later by police officers and warned he could have been hauled into court for harassment.

“At one point an unmarked police car came past with two officers inside,” said Chris, from Skelton-in-Cleveland.

“But they just looked at me and kept driving.

“There was at least one officer in the car but he just ignored me.

The police came around later and I was told I was lucky as I could have been done for harassment.

“But everyone else was beeping their horns and seemed to support me.”

A picture of Chris blocking the camera shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

Supporters have called him a “legend” for the stunt, at a site where Chris claims the police frequently target drivers.

“They are there a lot, as drivers go down a bank and obviously pick up speed,” he said.

“When I first passed my test five years ago, I got a ticket there soon after but personally I don’t think it is an area of concern.

“There was a school there years ago but that was knocked down so I don’t think there is a real need for them to be there, which made it more satisfying.”

Cleveland Police has been contacted for a comment.


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