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Only With Idiots

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Only With Idiots

Post by assassin on Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:15 pm

Its been an interesting day listening to the radio as apparently lonelyness is a big issue, yes I do understand this with old people who have no immediate family, or those who have outlived their families, and I have some sympathies for them; but it got worse as apparently we the taxpayers have funded studies which now claims the fastest growing group of lonely people are young mothers, yes young mothers.

Now, I dont not lnow what most people think here but I think its pathetic and unrealistic, old people may have few friends and no family, they may have health issues, they may be mobility impaired which are all genuine reasons why they cannot get out and about and this is where a community comes in to help these older people, so what excuse have young mothers got? none as far as I can see. Young mothers are young, they are fit, they have given birth to a child, not to China dolls so why are they lonely, where are the fathers of these children, and why aren't these young mothers getting the children dressed and taking them out in their prams/pushchairs and going to vists friends or family.

In one session a woman claimed she hadn't been out of her house for 7 months after giving birth; sorry I find this hard to believe as she would have doctors appointments for her and her child and if she can walk with a baby to the doctors then she can walk with it to a local park, a local young mothers group, or other event or group of her choosing, so she has made a conscious choice not to do so and this is her choice so she is not a victim so why is she acting like one and making herself a target, and trying to deflect the blame for her own actions onto others; for me its just excuses.

Is this a problem with society? in some respects yes, how many people claim they have 1000 friends on a social media site, yet if it came to the crunch how many of these people do they actually know through meeting them face to face, how many people would come to their home to help them, in reality none as they are not friends, they are contacts they like on an anonymous system and are not friends at all so why are these people so guillable to actually believe they have 1000 friends.

What do you think?

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Re: Only With Idiots

Post by Society of the Spectacle on Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:46 pm

A part of the social conditioning involves steering people to the belief that it's better not to have children.
This Radio program seems to be reinforcing this in 2 ways. Firstly by implying that having children creates a problem , and secondly by treating the women like helpless children themselves.

Society of the Spectacle

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Re: Only With Idiots

Post by assassin on Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:27 am

I have thought similarly for some time SOTS, forcing women out to work instead of allowing men to work and families living within their means, or vice versa, the divisions within society using the internets social networking sites allowing people to communicate from their chairs instead of going out and meeting people and interacting with them, and the claims they have lots of real friends when they are anonymous.

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