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asked for accounting and got back...

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Re: asked for accounting and got back...

Post by Spike on Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:19 pm

@Waffle wrote:I would SAR the student loans company asking about the securitisation of your loan, you could use our SAR template or write your own, its up to you. The only futures contracts that cannot be securitised are social securities/benefits, its probably one of your best loop holes to work with. The student loans is an iffy one because its all linked to the DWP and HMRC they know what you earn and take it straight from your salary I am assuming the loan is being taken directly from your wages......

ALAB has posted some good info on securitisation with evidence of challenges being won in court.

The 3 letters do work, its individual circumstance that determine their effect, but for a student loan that is being paid they are probably not the best route. You need to build your own database of information and look for your strongest avenues to challenge it, if it has been securitised who is the legal owner of the assets? Because if the loans company don't have legal title to the debt and don't know who has then they cannot prove who has rights to the debt.

Hi thanks I will look to do a SAR, I figure I should take out the mortgage line from your template!

Is there anything I should add or remove from your template in regards to sending it to student loans?

Also I was thinking of adding in something like which accounting regulation they are bound by. Do you know if this would be beneficial and the proper way to word it?


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Not so newb

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Re: asked for accounting and got back...

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:04 pm

Hi Spike

The easiest way to address the 'man' is:

John Doe, in his private capacity,
[Chief Financial Officer]

But now that i know what it's for i'd have to say it might be an irrelevance in this instance.

So you are looking for grounds to challenge liability?
Sounds like fun!

i don't think you can go wrong with Waffle's advice, if your looking to build a case.

When doing your SAR just think like a scrivener....



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Re: asked for accounting and got back...

Post by Waffle on Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:05 pm

You could take out the mortgage but it's another way of saying charge. A mortgage is the debtor mortgaging the land to the lender, they record a charge on it which gives them the security for the loan I.e I pledge you my house if you lend me £300,000, if I don't pay you can take my house as payment or I pawn you my watch if I don't come back with the money you can sell it.. I'd keep it in there it won't do any harm, you never know what it might come back with, if they don't hold anything on a mortgage they will just say we don't hold that data. A lot goes on behind the scenes and mortgages are not just relevant to land, it is a pledge of security and may not involve land.

If you wanted to ask which accountancy standards they have to abide by I would ask in a different letter, that would not fall under the remit of personal data and they could refuse the whole request on that basis.

You'd be better off contacting some of the agencies I recommend and asking what are the governing regulations for accountancy in England and which bodie oversees them.... I'm pretty sure GAAP is up there.

Your student loan has been approved by the Secretary of State for education, you had to put your national insurance number on the application so they can track your income, but I don't think that's the only reason. You could ask for all data that contains your national insurance number, see what they come back with.

If you are sending a kid to state school they want your BC I'm pretty sure they are dipping into your CQV from school, school isn't free, the teachers all get paid. But when you get older they all want the NINO I'm pretty sure they are dipping into your CQV to pay for your education. It's worth asking the question above just to see if it comes back with anything.

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Re: asked for accounting and got back...

Post by Sponsored content

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