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Spending Time Together

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Spending Time Together

Post by assassin on Sun Oct 22, 2017 7:20 pm

How many people spend time together? it appears that many people are treating children as handbags or bits of bling for vanity reasons, how many people sit down as a family to eat together as a family without the other distractions of TV and other things, how many people go out for a picnic as a family and spend quality time together, and how many people actually spend time as a family, full stop.

It seeems to me that this basic ethos is under attack from a variety of sources and the main one is the latch key children who are alone during the early part of the evening as their parents are out at work and are being forced into working longer hours and the children are being left money to frequent the various take away's on a nightly basis. With parents working longer hours they would rather spend their weekends having a lie in to catch up on sleep and once again children are ignored, and when they do get up they are doing other jobs that need doing and have little time for their children.

This morning it was tree clearing time as the recent high winds had caused some tree damage, most of the village turned up and a long job was turned into a short job and to stack this freshly cut timber we had to remove some of the well seasoned timber, as this was removed and the new timber stored and the removed timber was cut into logs and split, it was then distributed among the village so everyone is at full capacity with timber for the winter.
By dinnertime we had finished and it was turning into a sunny afternoon and somebody suggested go carting, so most of the village turned out and we were go carting on the carts the children had made themselves, something we do periodically, and as usual the parents were the biggest kids. Were there accidents? of course there were, people came off and go carts broke but the extent of the injuries were some battered parents and some bruising, but there was a lot of laughter and whole families indulging in a lot of family fun which cost them nothing more than laughter, and it was families spending family time together.

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Re: Spending Time Together

Post by Phillpots on Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:37 pm

Really liked the read. Insurance businesses! Did insurance start this f**ked up world we live in? One of them for sure.

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Re: Spending Time Together

Post by assassin on Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:12 am

I would agree with that Phillpots.

Many latchkey children get themselves into issues, no parental supervision and money for food often turns them to drugs and they become addicted, parents not spending time with children means they don't learn skills for life, sledging when it snows is another pastime we have and everyone gets involved and we have mass snowball fights.

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Re: Spending Time Together

Post by Sponsored content

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