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Child Protective Services

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Child Protective Services

Post by Philchef34 on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:42 pm


I didn't really know where to put this but here goes

I have been in contact with someone at work that is having a very difficult time with her ex boyfriend, they have 2 children together and lived under one house, she wanted to try to keep the family dynamics together for the benefit of her children

I base what is being said to me as just 1 side of the story, i dont have all the facts on both sides

After one to many emotional abuse and lack of hygienic practices by the ex boyfriend, she told him to leave the family home

He vowed to get full custody through the courts, even stating that to all her imediate family and friends, a few days after he was removed from the house...

The council/Housing association had to change the locks due to his constant returning to the house, moving things and going through personal property to gain information

He would intimidate her, come into the house and then when she met another guy, called on social services, telling them his children was at risk, he then harassed her, constantly reported her to social when a unknown car was in the drive, getting a friend(neighbour) to report to him when this guy came around, etc etc

She then got a social care worker, that didn't seem to be very helpful with the repeated reports against her, all lacking in hard evidence, only hearsay, lies and general unfounded paranoia

She felt that it became a one sided story, he would turn up, tell her all these situations that were never proven or due diligence carried out to find if they were true... just kind of got told off a lot for what the ex was saying
The ex would call saying it was an emergency, because a car was in the drive...

So she put in a complaint with the social workers superior officer.. and left it at that

so after 5 months of this happening, meetings, visits by the social worker,very one sided conversations, she jumped every hope they gave her.

she met a guy, ex prisoner, sadly within that time became pregnant, of which sent the ex boyfriend into overdrive.... social didnt seem to take this situation very badly and she says they just asked her to keep jumping through the hoops they were giving her, meetings, visits, etc etc

Then She had a fight(not physical, children were at their grandmothers house) with this guy who smashed the house up.... left and the neighour told the ex, who called social care and she had more visits

Now we get to the meat of it all, after all this happens, she has meetings but nothing major, at 6 pm after he finishes work, this new boyfriend, come to collect his stuff and as she says they wanted to call it a day, he is in the house for 20 mins approx and social care turned up....

he sees the new boyfriend in the house, turns on his heals and leaves the building, then returns with the father of the child, who she tells to do a disappearing act, then the police are called

The 2 children are then handed over to the father and thats all she hears.... this was last Wednesday (8th Nov 17)

Today she is told, it is going to court tomorrow( 14/11/17),

Now, as she has no representation, has been given a few solicitors numbers and told to be there as this is a case to have her children taken away, full custody for the ex boyfriend(father of both children),

ALL I am looking for is, how is it legal to give someone, 24 hours to gain representation, evidence and a case against her, what i feel is a loaded side against her.......

Just some information on the last part really, i understand that there is always more to a story when lots of different agencies or departments and people get involved but im more interested in the last part...

She is not the the best place anyway but now she is in a very bad place

I hope to receive some legal thinking, so if she can delay the proceedings, she can gain more evidence

Thank you in advance


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Re: Child Protective Services

Post by jooboi on Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:19 pm

sounds like an emergency protection order has been applied it.things wont happen quickly so tell your friend to go to see who applied for it and then she can set her case out.


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Re: Child Protective Services

Post by Candor on Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:02 pm

So the dunce boyfriend gets custody - that's an even easier case for the SS to move a case for a full removal and adoption order in due course from both of them.

Whatever your problems never involve the police and social services - that's jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Seen it happen, had it happen to one of my own blood so I know what I am talking about, the court is supposed to take into account the wishes of children by the rules, but in reality they do not, me and waffle have provided statutory evidence of the why and how this all happens I suggest you read it, that is as good as it gets on this forum for these matters.

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Re: Child Protective Services

Post by Philchef34 on Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:33 pm

Hi Candor,

Can you put a link to your whys and how please, as i would like to read it ASAP


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Re: Child Protective Services

Post by assassin on Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:34 pm

She needs all the documentary proof, po-lice will have attended and have incident logs of all the events and damages he has left in his wake.

Social housing will have work data and records showing they changed the locks to keep him out.

She needs to apply for a restraining order to keep him away from the property, herself, and the children on the grounds he is violent and using the po-lice evidence as corroboration. This must be done straight away.

She needs statements from friends and family of his behavior and repeated threats, and any evidence he may have posted on social media sites.

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Re: Child Protective Services

Post by Candor on Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:45 pm

Philchef look at the link I posted on the men thread, including waffles post, there are others threads but that is enough to start from for now.

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Re: Child Protective Services

Post by Sponsored content

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