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Post by assassin on Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:20 am

What is the PND? And how many people have even heard of it, let alone understand what it does and what implications it may have on you or anybody else you know, or have been in contact with.
Po-lice have something called the PNC or Po-lice National Computer which is a store of information about you; it contains vehicle information such as the vehicles registered keeper, insurance details, and the tax and MOT status of a vehicle, and even if the registered keeper is a firearms certificate holder. All this information is deemed as “appropriate information” and if fully authenticated information which is deemed to be accurate and verified, in addition to this there may be other authenticated information such as any warning markers against a person for something such as violence, drug use, or anything else which may affect an individual such as a known medical condition.

What can we conclude from this? That all this information is appropriate and relevant, if someone is in a vehicle involved in an accident and they are a firearms certificate holder, there is a chance that the vehicle may contain a weapon or weapons and the response would be to send a firearms vehicle to recover any potential weapon, make it safe; and put it into safe storage. Most people would think this is appropriate to prevent a weapon and ammunition getting into the hands of criminals while the driver is taken to hospital and their vehicle is recovered by a recovery agent to await assessment from an insurance assessor to ascertain its viability for repair or to be written off as most vehicles are stored outside in compounds while awaiting assessment.
Similarly an individual may have a prescribed medical condition or be registered as disabled and this is the type of information a legitimate or honest po-liceman may need to know how to handle someone to prevent causing any injuries, or to identify any potential warning signs of a person suffering from a specific condition which may flare up and require immediate medical attention from a doctor or hospital.

Enter PND, this is the Po-lice National Database and this is a system which is much larger than the PNC database and for good reason, this system contains all manner of information ranging from hearsay to malicious gossip to slander, to innuendo, and even pure and outright lies from people with a grudge against you, in reality it is superfluous online gossip with no basis or evidential value.
If we look at a few examples: you are walking down the street and a total stranger is walking in the opposite direction towards you, he stops and asks you the time and you tell him and you both go on your way without contact, and you don’t even know who, or what he is, yet if you are seen by the po-lice it will be logged onto the PND system and the po-lice can put what they want onto the system.
You may be driving a hire car as your vehicle has been in an accident and your insurers may have provided you with the hire car as part of your own vehicle insurance, this vehicle may have a marker on it as being used by a known criminal whose forte is car thefts from parked vehicles before you got the hire car, yet you are put onto the PND system as being an accomplice to a known individual who breaks into parked vehicles.
You may work across a variety of locations and work out of hours as cover and you may have a new site which involves you driving through a red light area to get to this site, and suddenly information goes onto this PND system that you are a frequent visitor to a red light area and are soliciting for the purposes of prostitution.

Are these examples fictitious? No, they are all real examples of actual events which have been used to stop, detain, and arrest people.

In reality the PND system is merely an online gossip system and most of the information stored on it is not deemed as “appropriate information” as it is merely unverified gossip and speculation with no basis or foundation as evidence or reasonable suspicion of anything. So, who has access to this system? Well, anyone in a po-lice station, your basic constable, any PCSO, civilian workers, and even support staff who work there and they can all add something to the PND system and the po-lice are the only body with virtually unlimited rights to retain and store such information as they use something called “protected privilege” to do so. What does the law say about this? Both the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights have said this is illegal under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act and the data Protection Act, so how are the Po-lice allowed to get away with such corruption. Under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act you have the right to be free of unnecessary state intervention in your private life and the PND clearly breaches it, also; under the Data Protection Act any corporate body can only keep accurate and verified information which must be accurate and this is neither.

Why should we be concerned? Because as individuals our rights are being trampled all over, and the PND system is being used to implicate people for anything the po-lice may like to suggest, pure gossip and unverified data is being used for anything from a roadside stop for people driving a car, through to po-lice getting warrants to search people’s homes and seizing personal effects. PND is also being used as evidence in courts and as a justification by the po-lice to cover up unlawful actions and is being used to undermine the very protections you would expect, and have a right to expect to be upheld.

Who says what? The College of Policing are the body who introduce the legislation and state how it is to be interpreted and how and when it is to be used, and in what circumstances it is to be used, what they say goes, but many po-lice forces simply ignore this and do their own thing and openly breach what is laid down by the CoP and do their own thing. Many investigations have been done by many bodies into the corruption and they have all found that the po-lice put any information onto the PND system, and often they twist it and manipulate it to suit a purpose, their purpose, and the best example of this corruption was done in an espose by the Guardian newspaper who found several whistle blowers who also confirmed this happens.


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