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Road Works and pot holes

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Road Works and pot holes

Post by petesomething on Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:19 pm

In the last year it has been a nightmare living near me. It seems every couple of months they are digging the roads up.

Just over a week ago road works again. They dug up the road, and it was about 12/13 metres long, about 500mm wide, and on the first day i think it was no more than 100mm deep.

Now one week later, not much work has progressed, but it is causing heavy digestion in the traffic, where it normally takes me 10 minutes to take my wife to work and 10 minutes back, it is taking me about an hour some nights.

In your towns are you finding they are digging the roads up, putting fences around them, then basically just leaving it. We have got more pot holes... well craters, than the moon.

Our council said the reason we have got pot holes is because of the cold weather we have.

Last July I went to my wife's town in Ukraine to visit family.

In Ukraine they have - 30 in their winters and their summers are very hot. I would like our councils to explain how come in other countries they are not having these problems.

However in Ukraine THEY DO NOT PAY COUNCIL TAX. Okay, you are thinking

1: If they don't pay council tax, there will be no street lighting - they have got very good street lighting, better than Northampton.

2: If they don't pay council tax they will not have refuge collection - they have refuge collection each week.

3: Well if they don't pay council tax they will not have a fire service - yes they have got a very good fire service station.

4: Well they would not have no police - wrong, they have got police, and they patrol the streets quite regularly.


Double yellow lines, also they do not have traffic wardens, no parking meters and if you go to the local train station or hospitals, there are no parking fees.

I am not saying all the roads are good, but it does show the bullshit we get from our councils. And remember Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe and the UK is one of the richest in the world and our councils have to steal every penny they can off of us, then they tell us they are having a hard time. But no doubt it all comes down to divide and conquer, when the british working class sticks together, we may make the UK a better place for us to live.

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