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How can you beat fear ?

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How can you beat fear ?

Post by daveiron on Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:17 am

I have an elderly neighbour who I try to look out for ,she is i believe 85 and a widow.

About 2 years ago she had an accident and drove into the back of another vehicle writing hers off.All was settled by her insurance company. However last week ,out of the blue she received a county court claim for damage to a car seat This came from solicitors acting for the woman with whom she had the original accident with 2 years ago.

Their claim states an accident on the same day but at a location about 70 miles away in a town she has never been to in her life.She came to me in a panic & I copied the court docs.I then composed a short email for the solicitors and told her to send it ,or I could on her behalf and the claim would probably disappear.She then phoned her insurance company & I heard her tell them she did not have an accident at that location,they told her to send the court claim to them.Despite me telling her to send the copies and keep the originals she was scared and sent the originals.
Yesterday she informed me her Insurers had paid the claim.

My concern now is that it may be deemed as an admission of liability.I am very concerned that another claim may now appear claiming long term injuries resulting from this fictitious accident,also she is potentially in breach of section 170 of the Road Traffic act.All I have said so far is that her premiums will no doubt rise.
Of course her insurance file will now show 2 accidents & 2 claims.

I am unsure what to do now ,I know she will not take any advice from me .


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Re: How can you beat fear ?

Post by Ausk on Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:30 am

When people get old they panic easily and make bad decisions.

Perhaps a way for you to deal with this is to make some enquiries about any future claims before you tell her about them.

After your enquires are complete you can convey the results to her in using something like this"

I've done some research on some secenaioes like your situation just to learn how they run, how they pan out etc. I have done a bit or reading on the net to see how to spot false claims and how to deal with them etc. I've done it using circumstances like yours and this is what I've learned. ....

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