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Bank of Scotland

Post by assassin on Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:06 pm

Yet another scam rears its ugly head and only last night I read through the latest three cases which were from November and December 2017 and they were all bought by BOS against boat owners, they were heard in the High Court and in all cases BOS got a judgement, so what is the basis of the scam.

All three people had mortgages to buy boats, the mortgage was secured against the boat itself in all three cases, and suddenly BOS demanded that all monies were paid back immediately and without warning by claiming they were not the property of the owners. They claimed that these boats already had charges against them deespite the fact that searches were made against each boat in each case and nothing came back, and each owner had the supporting documentation of the searches; yet BoS must have also done searches and they must have come back as clean as they approved the mortgages in each case.

Normally they would just go for a repossession order and simply repossess the boat as the mortgage is secured on the boat, so why are they going straight for the owners and not repossessing the boat? a simple repossession would be much cheaper and when the boat was sold on they would get their costs returned.

Boating has some very wealthy people and one of them is an extremely good Barrister who has consulted with me on this; he has claimed that "this is a scam, pure and simple" and is a way of forcing more affluent people with solid assets into debt as boating is an expensive pastime with most owners having solid collataral such as houses which are paid for, or good jobs with much higher than average salaries. He further claimed that it is also another way of moving more people into debt who are not the lowest wage earners with the least assets.

He claimed that what BoS were doing is totally illegal and unlawful as any alleged debt "lodged on the security" means the security must first be reposessed and a second civil claim must be made if their costs are not met when or if the sale of the security does not cover all of their charges, he further said that it is another way of seizing a house or other tangiable asset to put people into debt where no debt exists.

Is this the new scam.

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