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The New Season Begins

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The New Season Begins

Post by assassin on Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:09 am

Tonight was the first of our educational cooking classes here in the village and as usual the whole village is involved along with a number of guests, tonight our guests were school children from a local school which the village children attend, residents from a local care home who have experience of cooking with virtually nothing due to the war and rationing following the war, some of the teachers from the school, and our star guest and speaker who is a local butcher and his pig, the main topic was charcuterie which is the preservation of meat and fish.

Several years ago I got into charcuterie and it is very time consuming, it uses the meat left from pigs to make anything from sausages to chorizzo and it has its origins back in mainland Europe as a way to create and preserve food from animals we would not use today, although the Europeans have reinstated it as a posh or upmarket food with posh food prices to match. How many people know here in the UK we only use around half the meat from a pig? how many people realise we then sell the other half of the pig off to countries such as Poland who render the fat down for lard, or other countries such as France, Spain, or Germany who buy the remains of the pig up cheaply and make their own charcuterie products and sell them back to us at massively inflated prices and huge profits.

Charcuterie involves little work and most of the time is spent letting the meat cure and this curing process differs from product to product but most of the time is spent waiting for this curing process to happen and the basic process is to use salt to remove one of the main contents of the meat which makes it rot and this is moisture, the other is air.

The evening began with our guest butcher giving a lesson in butchery and he had a hygeinic marker and marked the pig out and got all the kids to do the butchering under his supervision, he then had the children take the waste of the pig and showed how to render the fat into lard and pork dripping, and the remaining pork normally sold off to European countries and got the children to make their own charcuterie products of their choosing, it was an eventful evening and everyone was so interested it ran 1.5 hours over schedule to 11.30pm. After the children left with their charcuterie products to hang ready for curing it was homemade wine and beer time and of course the old dears sank plenty and by midnight many were wobbling less than when they came, but the poor old bus driver was given a bottle as he couldn't drink, and many of the old dears had a whale of a time getting back onto their minibus.

Three of the teachers stayed behind and one likes real ale and he must have tried every brew in the village, meanwhile the other two were on the wine, all three are soundly asleep on bales of hay under a tarpaulin as we speak due to the quantity they drank and its strength, we have ordered them a taxi for the morning to take them to school and pick them up as they wont be fit to drive in the morning, and the kids will get them up and make sure they get washed, ready for school, and undoubtedly take a few pictures on their phones for good measure.

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Re: The New Season Begins

Post by assassin on Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:43 pm

Interesting morning, the teachers who passed out drunk were awakened this morning by the village children and of course a few pictures were taken, one said they had the best nights sleep he had for years sleeping outside on bales of hay and were thankful of the tarpaulin sheltering them and the blankets thrown over them.

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