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Brexit The Eye Opener

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Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by assassin on Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:51 am

Those of us with a more open mind will have been following Brexit carefully and for all of us it has been an eye opener as we can clearly see their tactics in play, and we can see the social elite, the political elite, and the wannabe career politicians using their plays on words.

To begin we had an opening campaign in which neither side were totally honest but it did begin to reveal the EU fanatics who until now have flown under the radar and exposed themselves and the roles they have, and are playing in attempting to subvert a democratic process and undermining democracy in the process.

Their opening gambit was one of deflection by NOT representing the public who voted for them and used the "we are voting with our conscience" deflection excuse to appease people when what they should have done is their job for which they were elected and had a consensus in their constituencies and voted for what the people wanted and not their personal ideologies or for the benefit of themselves, or their future as a politician who tows the party line so they can keep their snouts in the publicly funded trough.
Then we really saw the orginisation of the social, political, and wannabe elite by a mass PR campaign and of course the BBC were towing the social elite and EU line and giving biased reporting, but of course the BBC received £8M from the EU to portray them in a good light didn't they, it bodes the question of how many other areas of the media were also paid off to portray the EU in a good light, and how many of them took the money, and how many of them show the money in their accounts.

Next we had the personal attacks on the Brexiteers who were called everything from from knuckle dragging thugs, xenophobes, racists, thick and uneducated idiots, and many of the remainers even went as far as claiming the majority were too thick to understand the complexities of the decision they were making, just how arrogant are they swanning around with their PHD's in politics and with no experience of the real world and how it works and is controlled, or perhaps they do know and want to get into the inner sanctum themselves.
Then we had their greatest contradiction where they claimed they didn't know what the future would hold, then proceeded to tell us all that the economy would implode, we would fall off a cliff, we would all lose our jobs, and that all our jobs would go abroad, so if they cannot predict the future then how can they make such statements which, incidentally haven't come to fruition.

When all of this failed they decided to take Bexiteers who are in the public eye and wage a war by watching everything they say in the media and on the internet and edit it to show a sound bite from a conversation and re-post it showing this small segment to try to claim that even Brexiteers had doubts about the future and were caught doing it; fortunately many people spotted this dirty and underhand trick by watching the full conversation or interview and took it in context by watching it in its entirity.

Next we have the polyester dwarf up in Scotland shouting and screaming for another referendum and telling the Scots she will get them one, while she is making these claims most people know she has to get the consent of the Prime Minister who has said NO, and without it she cannot do anything, so why is she making such claims. In reality Sturgeon is another thick Scot with a personal agenda along with that other thick Scot called Salmond; are they all fishy? who are selling the Scots down the river so she can play out her personal agenda. Its merely another sideshow and I feel the majority of Scots will see it for what it is; what it also shows us is that she is one of the EU stooges doing her utmost to divert attention away from the real issues, so what have the EU promised her.

Only this week we have seen the EU debate a motion to prevent anyone else from negotiating trade deals until they leave the EU, clearly another tactic to scare people to remain within the EU, what can they do if we tell them to stick it? oh, take us to the European Court, nepotism in action from an unelected group of dictators, Hitler would be so proud.

I find it interesting that they are still trying to dictate to us and the remoaners are jumping on it all to try to make an issue out of it, we had the Brexit bill demand, then its been the trade agreements we MUST reach with them; now lets be realistic, we dont need any trade agreements to trade with anyone so we can tell them to stick it, we can tell them to stick all their demands, and as for their claims that we have to contribute to future EU activities, well, lets look from a fresh angle.
As the second highest contributor to the EU coffers currently running around 15% which was much higher until more members joined, we should work out the total value of all EU assets and take back our 15% and serve formal notice upon them, or we could work out the market value and derived income from that property and charge them rent on it; now that would really scupper them if we were taking money from them; after all the British public own at least 15% of it all so where's our rent my EU.

We have seen the Nazi agenda shining through in recent months and in the last few days we have seen the real reason for the EU army, to attack America and Russia, think about it for a minute and look back at the hype and proven lies they have come up with for the worlds largest army, think back at globalism which has failed, and the one world agenda and subsequent depopulation they want of 20%, you start a war with America and you are a large part of the way there. Ask yourself why they have allowed all those former Communist countries which aren't in Europe into the EU? it gives them a land border with Russia, start a war with them and the combined casualties could easily reach the 20% they want.


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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by petesomething on Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:32 am

I will say it , i did vote to stay, i know some of my friends on here would not of voted or vote leave.
i must  admit mine was a selfish vote,
when i retire i want to move to Spain ,but now we are out that maybe a dream now , but also the way  Theresa May is taking the uk would of made it a dream any way ,
on radio 4 two of her friends was saying we should retire at 80 years of age  but one said no maybe 70 years old but what got me they was laughing when they was saying this ,
most guys marry women younger than themselves , so most of us working class will be dead time our wives retire,
I feel sorry for all the people who live and work in the eu countries, do you really  think our Government care about them Sad ,
if you had read my post on supreme court you would see eu people have more rights than us British , a Polish guy can marry a Russia woman come to uk , no need to make £18600 and both can claim benefits ,British guy who marry non-EU needs to make £18600 CAN NOT claim benefits but will need to also pay thousands of pounds to our Government ,

Did you know, say you married - say Spanish woman you have worked all your life paid all your National insurance retired to Spain after 6 months you lose the right of the NHS , so if you and your Spanish wife came to the uk to visit family and you both fell down say a escalator , you break your left arm she breaks her right arm , you the British guy will get charged for the ambulance and hospital
fees your Spanish wife its free,


A  friend of mine said the eu people will have to go home now Laughing


Friend said , NO MORE  VAT
Wrong we still got to pay  vat  even after we leave the eu

the Council and Government, get millions of pounds from eu people being here , why would they send them home ,IT BE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BRITISH PEOPLE LIVING OR WORKING IN THE EU , DO YOU THINK MAY AND HER GOVERNMENT CARE FOR THEM Sad

The council will not even fix our roads potholes but happy to steal money from the eu people living here , yes and the British

IF THERESA MAY AND GOVERNMENT WANT TO LEAVE THE EU , it not about the British people IF they voted to leave or stay THEY GOT THERE OWN AGENDA

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by teddy2 on Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:07 pm

Europe!, what a contrived con.a rothschild and elite model. We have no obligation to any "union" as we a sovereign country cannot sign,nor give away our status and the traitor heath could not engage with a mandate of the people . As it was a perhaps rigged vote , and even if it was a 90% in favor was not a majority .
no doubt the war was still a harsh non too distant memory and Germany , Italy would not have the trust of many, France too .
never the less we were sworn in to the agenda of the
kabal ,Myself having not voted since 2010 nor filled in a electoral register nor the brexit , as feel we have no
hold from others so are free to simply leave their table and dine elsewhere with out a bill , yet a refund for our club benefits , the people of those countries are
good folk, will welcome us to the beaches of spain,greece and the rest without tariff nor scruple
our "elite" with well filled pockets are now desperate to keep that flow going the blair, mandleson and clark and heseltine all traitors and well paid to do the up most damage to our country are possibly being made aware of the consequences of failure ,
should the press begin "leaking" truths of past crimes we know we are really gathering pace .
we are told we need the EU more than it needs us ?
there will be a lot of unsold cars,and merchandise at calais should they persist with that stance.
we should deal with europe but i dont want onions around my neck nor pizza, or ouzo, san miguel .
we are different lets celebrate our cultures without
red tape to eradicate our identity.
A full, transparent ledger from the IMFand ECB to where this debt was created and the funds allegedly paid out came from.
The time is right and the spiritual shift has made the kabal worried and the lids off never to return only the
media, false flags and fear porn are available to these
despicable morons.

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by assassin on Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:31 pm

Some interesting points made, are you aware that the German and French car manufacturers are pushing the agenda of a free trade zone within the EU so they can still export their cars to us? are you also aware that the French wine and cheese producers are also reinforcing such a free trade zone so they can export their goods to the UK.

In Spain we have the food producers also doing the same, but with less force than the above.

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by teddy2 on Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:09 pm

there will be many attempting to force their will on us ,
our "government" will be only concerned for their corporation interests,
The car industry,and food suppliers as you point out assassin will be unwaivering on any demands we have and will have no tolerance offered for our interests the puppets of the common purpose model and elite can perhaps pretend to broker deals , but we the people can buy with our own choice
the very few reliable serving mp's will be swamped by the format planned. however wonders can happen
the other countries follow suit and end the nightmare endured by many of this out of control failed project.

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by Society of the Spectacle on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:39 pm

Buisness leaders are calling for a Slow Down , on brexit talks,
UK business leaders to call for indefinite delay in leaving single market

A Little Earlier,
German Finance minister said,
Schaeuble Says U.K. Welcome Back If Brexit Was Overturned

And REMEMBER a while ago the MACRON Email  Wikileak ?
Deep state: Macron told before becoming president to forget about EU Army and remember Anglo alliance
Society of the Spectacle

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by midnight on Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:40 pm

Vince Cable is the lowest bottom feeding scumbag todate.

If I recall correctly the referendum was extended for a few day longer so that younger voters had more of a chance to vote because it was beleaved that they did not know their NI numbers. The requirement for NI numbers was removed during this extended period of a few day's in order to allow the younger voters to vote. Even after this the remainers still lost.
Older people who voted for brexit are apparently now called brexit jihadis. You couldn't make it up even if you tried Vince. Lol and go jog on Vince

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by Society of the Spectacle on Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:09 pm

Worth Looking into this,
The EU Withdrawel BILL
Just passed its second reading,
this is what it says.

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by eargoggles on Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:48 pm

how can common law be removed ,ordinary people could be stripped of everything and would be left with nothing.just eating a locket they are getting smaller too.

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by assassin on Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:16 am

This is a prime objective of the world agenda, removing common law means no high profile legal challenges, no new precedents, and it subdues an entire nation in one go; they can replace everything with contracts and find so many ways of finding you in breach.

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by Ausk on Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:13 am

@eargoggles wrote:how can common law be removed ,ordinary people could be stripped of everything and would be left with nothing.just eating a locket they are getting smaller too.

They cant if enough people say "NO"

In the 1970's Australia signed the Unidroit principles. Its likely Britain also signed them also. Unidroit is very closely connected to the Vatican.

Unidroit is all about getting everyone into private law which is a subset of contract law.

if you have an "agreement" with the government then this is what will slowly erode your access to the common law. Over time anyone who has an agreement or contract with the government will slowly be drawn away from the common law and into the depths of private law.

This is how they will be achieving their goal of sidelining the common law.

In Australia they have already used this to try to get people to step outside their protections in the Australian constitution.

This is how they plan

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Re: Brexit The Eye Opener

Post by Sponsored content

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