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More Lies Portrayed As Truth

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More Lies Portrayed As Truth

Post by assassin on Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:39 pm

Its all change at the minute, we were all told that diesel vehicles were the way forwards towards fuel economy and environmental protection, so why has it all suddenly changed; and is it the environment which is the issue here, or is it the use of environmental issues which is being used to screw people over for cash, you read this and decide for yourself.

For many years and even decades we were told that 20% of all vehicle emissions were in the construction and disposal of a vehicle and the remaining 80% of vehicle emissions were the “in use” emissions which were defined as tailpipe emissions, but this simply isn’t true as only one survey has ever been done due to its complexity and this showed that it is actually 80% of a total vehicle emissions which are produced during the manufacturing and disposal of a vehicle while only 20% of total vehicle emissions are the “in use” emissions, so basically we have been lied to for years, and continue to be lied to by politicians and those making key motoring decisions.
What did this survey consist of? Basically it consisted of the entire sub component manufacture, the manufacturing of the steels, the manufacturing of the entire vehicle, and the transportation of all these components to a factory to assemble them, and it worked it all out to an energy value, and the transportation of completed vehicles around the world to their various markets. This then went onto the fuel consumption of a vehicle and the consumption of all servicing components during its working life, and then the disposal of the vehicle at the end of its life and converted these into an energy value, this was the only in depth survey ever done due to its complexity and was published in several motoring magazines, so publically available.

Why is this so important, quite simply because it not only exposed the lies we were being told, but it also exposed the environmental agenda for what it really is, nothing more than a way of scamming people into parting with more money by buying more expensive motor cars, and forcing people into more debt. This was the double whammy as either you bought a new car and paid the various taxes on that new car, or you kept, or bought an older car and were hit with the various environmental charges such as raises in VED (road tax) and other charges such as the congestion charges such as those introduced in London, which were the pre-cursor to introducing congestion charges in other towns and cities across the UK, which was their intention all along, but what else did it reveal.
It revealed that the much maligned 4X4 was in fact the most energy efficient vehicle of every motor vehicle on the road, surprising? Maybe not, it also showed that the worst or most polluting vehicle on the road was the electric car; it also showed us that the smallest of cars were not environmentally efficient as making a luxury car only consumed an average 10% more energy than a lightweight city car and this may need explaining for many people.

Much of the motor industry is consumer led, for example, those of us of a certain age will remember the 1980’s and 90’s where joyriding almost became a national pastime as so many cars were being stolen by criminals just to drive around at high speeds and they didn’t care about a stolen vehicle and this progressed onto police baiting where they would steal a car purely to taunt the police into chasing them, the vehicles were then dumped. When the police found they couldn’t catch them it gave the police forces the necessary excuse to introduce powerful high speed (polluting) cars onto their fleets and many were prestige or luxury vehicles which joyriders wouldn’t associate with police cars and that superficially the police were taking car crime seriously, so they began to investigate them, this was followed by joyriders burning out vehicles by deliberately by carrying flammable materials to set a car alight and quickly engulf it in flames to destroy the current fingerprint technology, and to destroy the emerging DNA technologies swiftly and effectively. Still nothing was really being done until the phenomenon of “ram raiding” began in earnest, this began to hit businesses so something was done, suddenly all vehicles had to be fitted with engine immobilisers, and many were fitted with alarms and immobilisers. In reality, commerce was being hit.
Manufacturers were facing emissions regulations and one easy and very cheap way to improve fuel consumption was to reduce the weight of a vehicle and some ingenious ways and designs were introduced to do this, many cars got smaller to reduce weight and reduce fuel consumption which reduced the vehicles emissions. Problems arose with this first generation of small vehicles and this was that serious injuries suddenly increased from some seemingly minor crashes and this hit the NHS financially, so something had to be done due to the public outcry about vehicle safety, so carbon steels were introduced to make cars lighter and stronger, and here is the problem.

Average steel body thicknesses went down from 1.2mm to 0.7mm and this gave a substantial weight saving while improving the strength of the car body panels, what people don’t know is that when you press a car body from 0.7mm carbon steel it increased the power or force needed to press the panel 5 fold over a standard mild steel body panel made from 1.2mm mild steel, so a massive increase in power was needed just to press the car body panels. When it comes to energy it takes around 7 times more energy to produce the carbon steel as the additives needed to make carbon steel have to be mined and shipped from around the world which further increases the energy needed to make the panel and a similar increase in energy is also needed to recycle the body panels.
In addition to this, consumers were demanding more fitments to their vehicles, what was once deemed a luxury was now having to be fitted to mainstream vehicles to naturally evolve and this natural evolution added weight, the fitting of electric windows as standard, the fitting of remote alarm locking, and of course the fitting of numerous safety systems such as ABS and their necessary kit all add weight to a vehicle.

So, why does the 4X4 cost much less to produce and run in energy terms when compared to a small city car? A simple question with an equally simple answer; in simple terms a 4X4 uses basic shapes in its panels, it uses mild steel instead of carbon steel and we now know the lies we have all been told about the emissions being based solely upon 80% of the total vehicle emissions being “in service emissions” when the opposite is true. In reality, with 80% of all vehicle emissions being produced during the manufacturing and disposal of a vehicle we can see the traditional 4X4 uses more steel in its construction, but it uses much less energy to produce the mild steels in its construction, it uses much less energy to press mild steel panels, and of course a 4X4 has a much longer life than a small city car built using carbon steels, around 3X the life according to official figures. Now we have a scenario where we are building three city cars to every traditional 4X4 and however they try to spin it you cannot overlook the fact that this is solely for commerce or commercial reasons, the car manufacturers would rather build and sell three cars instead of one, and all Governments always put commerce first. How much energy is being used to produce three city cars instead of one 4X4?
Electric cars are a different matter, instead of an internal combustion engine they use an electric motor and to power this motor they need batteries, and as most electric cars use 400-600 volts to power these electric motors you have to have some seriously large and heavy batteries, now here are the problems.
Many people are unaware that there is a world sand shortage and most electronic components, particularly power components needed to control the speed of an electric motor are predominantly made from sand; and the motors used to power cars use a large quantity of rare earths in their construction and both sand and rare earths need to be mined and refined and transported all over the world to be manufactured into the rare earth magnets used in these motors. Now we have a scenario where we are using two rare and unsustainable resources such as sand and rare earths to produce what are portrayed as environmentally friendly cars.
Safety is another ignored issue and if we take an average battery powered car working in the 400-600 volt range and it is in an accident with three other cars we have another danger, ELECTROCUTION, and this is a real danger because we already know that the mains 240 volt electricity can kill us and that cars are made of steel which is a conductor of electricity, so potentially we have the deaths of the entire occupants of all four vehicles in the event of a typical motorway accident by electrocution.

Depopulation agenda here anyone?

Compare this to an average petrol or diesel car, testing and real world figures actually show us that fuel tank ruptures, even in severe accidents are rare, even in the event of a fuel tank rupturing the fuel flows onto the ground and it requires an ignition source and while petrol vapours will readily ignite, diesel is an oil and really takes some igniting, but you cannot stop or avoid electricity flowing and being conducted through metal or other conductors.
What proof do we have of this? A reasonable question and the answers come from the fire brigade who actually issue insulating gloves to all firemen in the event of motoring accidents so the risk is so real that HSE recognise it and make all firemen wear electrically insulated gloves in ALL vehicle accidents they attend.

If we come to the batteries we can already see that they use a lot of energy to produce and to date there are no viable recycling facilities for the large battery packs required to power a car, most batteries will simply be made abroad in third world countries as they currently are to avoid the Health & Safety requirements of richer countries and they will simply be dumped along with the remaining electronics, in these third world countries as they currently do.

When it comes to emissions we are comparing apples with oranges as both engine types produce emissions, but they both produce different types of emissions and here is the problem, which type of emissions do you prefer. Contrary to popular belief petrol still contains lead although it is in much lower quantities that it was, but it is still there despite the play on words of unleaded petrol which has duped many people since it was introduced, and designed solely to do so. Particulate matter (PM) is not measured on petrol engines even though it contains particulate matters which includes particles of lead, so which do you prefer to breathe. Petrol engines produce more CO2, CO and HC than diesel engines and diesel engines produce more NOx and particulate matter than petrol engines, and diesel does not contain lead, so no lead particles are emitted at any time by a diesel engine.

CO2 Carbon Dioxide
CO Carbon Monoxide
HC Hydrocarbons
NOx Nitrogen Oxides
NDx Nitrogen Dioxides (these are a dioxin) and never mentioned
SOx Sulphur Oxide
PM Particulate Matter

If we look back at the emissions debate we may notice that people started by using the word emissions and suddenly changed this to exhaust or tailpipe emissions, but why? This is a play on words to deceive because they only focus on certain emissions from both of the engines, and not all of the emissions from both types of engine. They never mention Particulate Matter from petrol engines because if they did they would have to admit that diesel engines produce soot particles and petrol engines produce lead particles and they don’t want to admit that they are letting congested areas such as town centres fill with lead particles.
Things change when we add in the after treatments of diesel engines such as SCR which is Selective Catalyst Reduction technologies such as AdBlue additives as these burn the soot particles and the unburned hydrocarbons which reduce the HC and NOx content to below that of petrol engines. If we add in the fact that diesel fuel contains more energy than petrol and is more efficient in its combustion so we use less diesel than petrol, and the fact they chose CO2 as the way to tax vehicles we can see a clear reason to eliminate diesel as they make more revenue from petrol, particularly when a catalysed petrol engine uses more petrol than an un-catalysed petrol engine.

Things change again from a cold start as a diesel engine is at maximum efficiency within 1 minute as all it requires is the glow plugs to be activated using electricity for a cold start, and once the engine is running the heat of the compression of the engine and combustion keeps them at optimum working temperature. With a petrol engine it runs on choke, unlike days past when we had manual chokes, the modern fuel injection systems simply add a little more fuel during this cold phase and it takes around 10 miles for a modern petrol engine to warm up to its optimum working temperature; and this alone means it is injecting more fuel into the engine during warm up and its exhaust emissions actually rocket upwards during this cold running phase.

In reality this means that only a diesel engine is a viable engine for a commuter car used on short journeys in congested areas such as city centres, and what are they trying to do? Ban them from city centres, or they are looking to charge you for entering city centres with a much cleaner diesel engine, and the real con is now obvious, MONEY.

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Re: More Lies Portrayed As Truth

Post by assassin on Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:14 am

We can expose more of the fuel debate scams if we look a little closer and actually focus on the truth, instead of the constant lies we are constantly fed to uphold their agenda of doing away with diesel and petrol engines, and being slightly pragmatic about it to an extent.

What do we know so far?

Diesel engines are more suited to commuter vehicles used in cities or congested areas.
Diesel engines are more suited to vehicles covering high mileages.
Petrol engines consume more fuel than a diesel engine and an un-catalysed petrol engine uses less fuel then a catalysed engine, and all newer engines are catalysed.
Petrol engines are better for average mileage driving in mixed conditions.
Electric cars use a number of scarce resources to produce which are unsustainable.
Electric cars have a limited range and this range decreases with colder weather and battery age.
80% of all cars total emissions are produced in the construction and disposal of the vehicle.
Electric cars batteries cannot be recycled, at the present time only some elements can be recycled.
Electric cars electronic controls for the motors cannot be recycled; they are merely dumped in third world countries where they are killing the inhabitants by polluting the ground and environment.
Electric cars rare earth motors cannot be recycled.

How many people have seen every one jumping on the energy supply wagon? Nottingham City (or should that be sh*tty council) are just one example of this; let’s be under no illusions as this is purely by design for the future revenues for these companies.

How many people have seen the decline in home ownership due to people not being in a financially viable position to raise sufficient cash for a deposit, or in an untenable working position where they are not in stable employment, and how many people are now renting homes as they cannot afford to buy their homes. If we take this a little further we see the mass explosion in city centre apartment builds and councils welcoming these builds instead of dismissing them as they previously would have done and this is purely by design, but why. Congestion charges are to be introduced and London has already done this and done a good PR job of introducing many other transport options, but will other councils do the same? Unlikely.

If we look at one example in Nottingham we can see that in the same floor space/footprint of six standard three bedroom houses they have built an apartment complex with 67 apartments and if we assume the six houses contain two adults with two children we have only twelve adults and twelve children. If we assume that most of these apartments contain only two adults we potentially have 134 adults, so why is this relevant? Because, you have much more financial charging potential for future income with adults.

How does this relate to electric cars? Because in these complexes each apartment is usually allocated one parking space and you can create a monopoly if you supply electricity through charging points to a number of these car parking spaces, if you equip one third of the parking spaces with a car charging point and locate it centrally so the parking space either side of it can plug their cars into it you can keep the demand higher than the supply and if you are the sole supplier of electricity you maximise your income and profits by having a cartel.
In reality this is simple to do and we can ask why these apartments are given consent and the answer is money, if you submit a planning application you know it is more likely if you have an unwritten gentlemen’s agreement to purchase your electricity from the council owned supplier and these unwritten agreements are rife in business and as nothing is recorded, nothing can be proven.

This affects electric cars in several ways, the first problem is the infrastructure and this simply cannot cope with current demand and if you increase the amount of electric cars on the road from their current 0.5% of all cars on the road, to 5% of all vehicles on the road then you overload the national grid, now we have the first money maker. Electricity companies will demand huge upgrades to the national grid and £trillions will be spent on replacing the electricity grid and these trillions will be put into the pockets of the companies supplying the much larger cables and the contractors installing them, so why aren’t the electricity suppliers upgrading the grids themselves, because shareholder profits come first; and why pay for it yourself when the taxpayers will.
If you are an electric car owner you will have been fed the corporate B/S about charging them to 80% in 30 minutes, but this is B/S for a good reason, the amount of electrical supply you have dictates the type of charger you have, this charging capability also factors in the fact that it is for charging a single car only, and if one charger has three outlets for charging you have to drop the charging current available to one third of its capacity with all three charging outlets being used.

Chargers come in two main types which are AC charging and DC charging, and these also come with different speeds of charging.

Rapid chargers have a standard 45Kw of AC charging capacity and 50 Kw of DC charging capacity and this is the type of charger you need for fast charging, typically with one charging car connected they will charge a battery to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes.

Tesla Chargers are also rapid chargers, but they are rated at 120Kw.

Fast Chargers have a capacity of 7Kw AC or 22 Kw of DC power and with a single car charging from them they will typically charge a car battery in around 3-4 hours.

Slow Chargers are rated at 3Kw and will charge a single vehicle battery in around 6-12 hours.

Are the problems now becoming obvious? Provide the solution and then create the problem you have already have the solution too.

Fast and rapid chargers are the problem as if you cannot supply sufficient power to them due to the infrastructure being insufficient then it doesn’t matter how quickly you can charge your battery car as the chargers aren’t there to provide the rapid of fast charging you require, so your rapid or fast charging capabilities become useless.
If you have a rapid charger providing 45Kw of AC power with three outlets and they are all in use then you are only providing each vehicles battery charging system with 15 Kw each and your rapid charging capability goes out of the window and you are realistically looking at around 3-4 hours charging time, so your rapid charger suddenly becomes a fast charger. If you have a fast charger of 22 Kw and have three cars connected to it they are only charging at 7 Kw each and you can get that from a domestic charging station at home.

There are other problems and these affect many homeowners so it isn’t a problem confined to apartment owners, and this is the lack of a drive or off road parking on the property which means you are confined to on street charging as you cannot connect your car to your property electricity to charge it. Other problems are also arising and this is the theft of the charging cables themselves if a car is not parked directly next to a charging point and for less than £20 you can buy a set of insulated cable cutters, and people are buying them and stealing electric car charging cables to strip and weigh in for scrap as its much cheaper and safer than stealing railway and factory cabling, and with much less chance of getting caught, and with only one charge of theft.

Now the council have you all ways up:

They do a dodgy deal with a developer to get planning permission.
They will only put their chargers on their pavements.
They create a huge demand which they do not want to service to keep supply low and demand high.
They have compressed many more people into a small space within a city centre.
And if you resist the changes and stick with a petrol or diesel engined car they hit you with a congestion charge.

Its all forward planning for the money.

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Re: More Lies Portrayed As Truth

Post by Ausk on Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:21 am

There are other problems and these affect many homeowners so it isn’t a problem confined to apartment owners, and this is the lack of a drive or off road parking on the property which means you are confined to on street charging as you cannot connect your car to your property electricity to charge it."

Sounds to me like they don't really want people who live in these sorts of areas to have motor vehicles at all. A portent of the future.

Govts and business use inconvenience to obtain compliance.

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Re: More Lies Portrayed As Truth

Post by assassin on Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:10 pm

Exactly, by moving people to vehicles with reduced capacity to travel they are removing peoples freedoms and forcing them onto public transport which they can control, and if you do stay with petrol or diesel then they profit from it.

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Re: More Lies Portrayed As Truth

Post by QUEENISABELLA on Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:00 am

brilliant post assassin and I thought it was my conspiracy imagination working overtime a great read

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Re: More Lies Portrayed As Truth

Post by Jayen4 on Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:52 pm

Very interesting article ..... In reality , there are only 2 elements here.....'money' (and how to extract more from you) and the big one....CONTROL !
I've known this for a very long time , but now the so called 'authorities' are just shoving it in everyones faces..... and the sheeple are just lapping it up (morons). There they are , going 'ooh , look at how green and hip I am !'..... Words fail me !!
Everyone needs to wake the hell up and push back at all this nonsense , HARD !

I myself am looking at ways to remove myself from this one sided , corrupted system..... but that's another topic... I may start a new thread on this.

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Re: More Lies Portrayed As Truth

Post by QUEENISABELLA on Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:13 pm

hi jayen 4 it is so obvious is it not, people like us can see this and so many can not why I wonder? I am of the same mind as yourself what is the answer?

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Re: More Lies Portrayed As Truth

Post by Society of the Spectacle on Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:41 pm

@Jayen4 wrote: Very interesting article .....  In reality , there are only 2 elements here.....'money' (and how to extract more from you) and the big one....CONTROL !  
 I've known this for a very long time , but now the so called 'authorities' are just shoving it in everyones faces..... and the sheeple are just lapping it up (morons). There they are , going 'ooh , look at how green and hip I am !'..... Words fail me !!
 Everyone needs to wake the hell up and push back at all this nonsense , HARD !

I myself am looking at ways to remove myself from this one sided , corrupted system..... but that's another topic... I may start a new thread on this.

I have seen the Trees cut down in Sheffield ,for the 5G network,
and a trial run 5G network in Gateshead tyne and wear, cause health Problems.
When you consider that the 5G is what will make everything cashless and connected, with 24 hour surveillance.
SEEMS to me, that is the Point that willl finally get people to open their eyes.

My advice would be to Invest in a Microwave Meter.
( you could even make a few quid checking out peoples homes to see if any dangerous levels are present )
Though most would do it for free.
Society of the Spectacle

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Re: More Lies Portrayed As Truth

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