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Friday Was A Good Day

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Friday Was A Good Day

Post by assassin on Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:03 am

Friday was the culmination of a years work by our fabrication department and a nice way of using up a lot of offcuts of steel which would have otherwise have been scrapped and not possibly recycled, or recycled using a lot of energy to do so; so what was done with it.

It was turned into a variety of animal enclosures and cages for everything from elephants to large cats or bears, through to the smallest of animals so they could be caught and transported to a place of rehabilitation and returned back to the wild and in their natural environment and not held in captivity by private individuals, be a threat to the public in public spaces, and they were designed and fabricated using only scrap offcuts of steels we commonly buy in. As a company we buy in a lot of stock material and for commonly used materials we buy a pallet which is actually a lorry load as this is a pallet when it comes to larger quantities of steels as it is cheaper for us to buy it this way instead of buying smaller quantities, often buying a pallet is cheaper than buying half a pallet due to quantity discounts.

Friday saw all of these enclosures and cages knocked down into kit form and loaded onto our lorries which delivered them to various airports for transportation to a host of different countries to be assembled and used to help rehabilitate animals for release back into the wild, and today the last of the shipments was flown out to these various organisations around the world for assembly and putting to work.

Is this economically viable? actually yes because we only get a tiny amount back for scrap and it has to be cut up into maximum lengths or sizes and what we get paid for scrap doesn't cover the cost of wages, let alone materials such as our large metal cutting bandsaws or even oxy/acetylene cutting gear and the cost is written off against tax so it is actually beneficial to put this scrap to good use for animals around the world and increase their numbers in the wild.

This elephant enclosure was a revelation as you still learn something new.

Elephants are often used in many countries as they can get where humans, 4X4's and even serious off road vehicles cannot and as they all have a mahut each they can be trained to carry the mahut and a ranger so they are an ideal platform for the protection of all animals and have a high vantage point and many countries use them this way, elephants are intelligent and sociable creatures and at night each mahut has to chain them to a tree or other solid object; with a large elephant proof enclosure they can be released into it and they can freely interact with each other, free of any chains and other tethers.

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