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Returning Debt Collector

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Returning Debt Collector

Post by SmallTownGirl on Thu May 03, 2018 5:47 pm


Glad to have found this community again after discorvering what has happened to the previous website Crying or Very sad

Last year, specifically on the 27th February 2017 and 9th March 2017, I had sent (recorded delivery) the first and second letters of the letter process on the respective mentioned dates to a certain debt collector.  Following the second letter I received a written response stating that the alleged debt recovery was being halted.  Good times.

However, this morning I have received a template letter from the same interloper (dated 1st May 2018) for the same alleged debt.  They also claim in the letter that I have "not responded to letters delivered to this or previous addresses".  They claim that "A court order (Warrant of Control)" has been made.

Since the last contact I had with this interloper I have moved address and I am currently, temporarily and unofficially staying with a family member until I move to my new permanent address within the next few days.  The letter that I have received today is addressed to my family member's address.

Unfortunately I do not have immediate access to the previous, year old written contact FROM this interloper.  Though I am positive about where I have stored them should I need to review them along with the delivery receipts for my contact TO them.  Particulalry with respect to the written contact suggesting that they, the interloper, are no longer persuing the alleged debt.

My questions are: Should I begin again by sending them the first of the letters, or send the third letter with the date of the second letter in the body of text?  By sending the third letter would I surely have to add a paragraph to link in their statement of halting the alleged debt recovery?

My concern here is that I may not be able to review last year's written contact in a short amount of time going forward and, with respect to sending them the third letter straight away, ensure that the reference number for them are the same.  I could really do without these bullies turning up on my family member's doorstep as they, nor this property nor contents have anything to do with this interloper.

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for taking the time to reply and offer suggestions.



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Re: Returning Debt Collector

Post by pieintheskywhenIdie on Fri May 04, 2018 10:05 am

It sounds like they've been to court and got a court judgement without you being aware or being able to respond. If that's the case you could apply to have the judgement Set Aside, to do so you'd need to show why you didn't respond (change of address) and that you have some chance of a successful defence.

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