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What happened when i choose to fight and not be the victim to Restons

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What happened when i choose to fight and not be the victim to Restons

Post by Philchef34 on Tue May 15, 2018 1:41 pm

Hi Everybody

I would like to give my story for all the ones starting this process, in it at the moment and just as a record for others to see how it went

Even though i didn't get it thrown out of court, (even though they must have broken every rule and law in the book)and have this company running back to its dark hole, to pray on another victim, i still feel that i have beaten them.

I want to say this for the record, i had a loan with a high street company quite a few years back, i defaulted on that loan due to extreme financial difficulties, leaving me with a choice, have a roof over my head and for a few months afford the absolute basics in food( bread, rice, pasta) and i mean the absolute basics or lose all that and pay this loan..
I spoke to them, they called daily and i told them again, 5 calls a day and the same answer to the one before...

Was a very stressful time of my life, one where i felt i had no where to turn and the only advice i received was tell them again....

So i tried to tell repeatedly that this was my situation( i lost my job and couldn't get one for a very long period of time) but they didn't listen and the calls just came 5-8 times a day and then after a few months of continued abuse of calls, the calls stopped... and that was it.... nothing else for a few days, then the calls and letter came another company saying they were working with this high street company and they would be dealing with me, so i told them the whole story and they seemed to understand, i tried to give them the best i could borrow from a family member each month and gave them that, even though i was now in debt to a family member, i felt a weight had been lifted because i wasn't getting called 5-8 times a day...

This on top of other People calling for money, Bank Loan, Living in an over draft(being told it will be cancelled and need paying before you could use the account again, Car Tax, Insurance, MOT, Electric, Gas, Water, Mortgage Company(Because the Job Center has messed up with payments) and the best of them all Council Tax... due to them still wanting 30% payment from your job seekers allowance, threatening magistrates court and prison and fines

All calling on a daily bases asking when you can pay them, thats alot of people calling in a day, your phone tends to be non stop calling or you have 40 missed calls sometime more, sometimes less, 40 text messages minimum daily, sometimes more, sometimes less, everyday 7 days a week for months  Shocked  pale  pirat

Sometimes people are really in these situations and dont have a hope in hell to get out of it... I WAS THAT PERSON

it becomes very scary to answer a phone call and not know if it will be a job prospect or another number from the same company telling you how you need to pay them TODAY, Sadly you heard this at 8am, 10am, 12am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm and i even got a call in the early morning.. 3 am i think..
So now every call is one where you dread... it is a terrible situation to be in and one i will HOPEFULLY never be in again:pale:

so after a while i stopped hearing from this other company as well..

about 2 years later i received a letter that was obviously unexpected and just as worrying...affraid  

Let me explain!!!

A few years back i was sent a very distressing letter saying that i owed this company money and i was to call Restons Solicitors, otherwise they would be taking me to court and i would be in the world of S*^t

So as i had never heard of this company as well as never heard of the solicitors, i called them and was subjected to what would be called "Financial Threats of Homelessness if i didn't pay up that day", it was extremely upsetting to think that someone could take your house away from you because of a defaulted debt all them years back

I had tried to do what i could at the time to pay, i didn't have any money so this brought all the feelings i had then, the anxiety, the fear or losing everything and something a little different...

I became extremely angry... HOW DARE THEY THREATEN MY HOME:evil:, who do these people think they are, thats it...this can not be allowed to happen

Their Tactics work so many times, it is a good way to get the juices from the bones of the person, turning them into a fear filled, victim... SADLY for them i turned into someone that stuck my middle finger up and said F*&^ Y&*

so i started to type in "Can a loan company take your house away from you", the answer was NO NO NO..

So i started to do more searching and found "GET OUT OF DEBT FOR FREE", read a few threads and found it really interesting to see how others have dealt with it and signed up to get the 3 letter process started

Letter 1 in the Process sent as recommended
Letter received from Restons stated that i have a few days to pay the thousands owed or court action would be taken,
Letter 2 in the Process sent as recommended
Letter from Restons then changed its tone, to one of "what you are sending me is not a legal document" but the time between and the threatening tone had completely gone
Letter 3 in the Process sent as recommended
Months passed and then they replied with the same letter as they sent to all the others on the site, even though they were saying you was using a template, you could see so was they

The fact that you was seeing others in the same situation as you, made you feel stronger, less clouded, less a victim to the abuse you got before.. i personally felt i could take on the world...

So i carried on with the Process with a CRP 18 Request and Estoppel

Restons Still Kept to the Standard "Your using templates", "so there", its not legal

So let me stop there for a moment and review

I began this situation in a very negative place, found GOODF and because it was happening to other people, sometimes you could see the same letter sent to others, that you had received that day
You would then say your story and have others give you sound direction and advice, send you to a thread that mirrored your own situation
I learnt so much and can only thank the ones that said i was going to be ok, try to relax and follow the process

IT MADE ME CALM AND ABLE TO THINK PROPERLY, something they dont want you to do.. so bravo GOODF people:D

So after Restons didn't say anything for about 8 months, i received a court letter.

Now this is a worrying prospect, to someone that has never been involved in courts, again the fear returned, so i put it on a thread and was told to return it in the time allotted and try to relax.. It will take time to process, it isnt going to happen tomorrow, the following week or month.

You have time to Prepare.. Remember you have asked for certain things, using legal documents....

THEY(the company) have to follow it..

" Can you see a pattern here, GOOFD people are telling you to relax, dont let it cloud your thoughts, dont go into a victim mentality....Whilst the Acting company wants you to be as fearful as possible so you crumble and live in fear"

So i did exactly what i was told, i found a defense that i read and understood to be relevant to my case and asked for help from one of the GOODF people
Then sent it all of to the court...

The Case was Stayed for a year i think, then a date was set.. we were going to meet in a court room

I asked the question in GOOFD what it would be like in the room and was told exactly that..

I made sure that all my paperwork was in place, everything for the Letter Process, Royal Mail Receipts, Signed for Receipts from the royal mail Website
All correspondence received From Restons and The Company

I turned up in a place i had never been before, extremely nervous but with the knowledge that the company hadn't supplied the documents i had asked for, so they had to comply

You will have the Companies solicitor welcome you and ask to talk in private, you have the choice to meet and converse or not too.
Just remember (what i saw), anything you say, they will write down and use against you.. so remember that they are not there for your benefit but for the companies, so dont fall into the trap and say anything they WILL use in the court room and to the judge, using this against you

My Case was Adjourned due to the company not supplying documents i asked for years before, the judge seemed quite annoyed..HE WAS NOT IMPRESSED

My returning Case was a year after the first one and it was Adjourned again via lack of evidence.. Even though the Minimal Evidence they had was enough for the judge to have a loaded comment towards myself and my claim

Terms and conditions, where from a website and downloaded(judge was happy about that and said i stands)
Bank Statements
Termination Notice (2 different Fonts, Judge was happy with that)
Notice of Assignment( given a Day before the court date, Judge happy with that)
Deed of Assignment( Never given, even though was asked for years ahead of hearing, judge wasn't impressed with them, so they said they didn't need that document anyway... Judge agreed)

So i could have returned back to court and in a few months time and said the same thing, changed my defence to the fact they did not follow procedure, due diligence or even give documents asked for in a legal document but the judge said he felt that i was fighting a losing battle, so maybe it was time to settle out of court, so he didn't have to deal with the situation again and create something i wouldn't want
So i took his comments as an indication that, even though he was not impressed with this companies due diligence and professionalism i would have been hit with a major bill as a CCJ for the full amount(just under £10000) + Court Costs

A process is now going on to see if they will settle out of court for a sum of money i can afford and not return myself to the days where i cant afford to pay the mortgage or eat
I can only wait to see if i can bring it down to the correct amount, not to have to return to court and tell the judge how stupid this company is, how disrespectful and how they obviously have NO due dilligence in legal matters..

But that is my story, from the first letter until the last on saying we have a third court date, will be 3 years now

i was told i would be in a court in weeks, will be homeless and they will take everything.. 3 years....3 YEARS later, i have been in court and seen exactly who and what they are, bullies and people that dont care about the law...

i have learnt a great deal from GOODF and can only thank then all that helped me relax and understand

I might not have beaten them with the process but i tried and never acted as a victim with them because i was not alone in this fight....

My advice to anyone that is in this situation or process, keep using the letters, dont be the victim, follow the advice that is always available on this sight and how ever difficult it gets, TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT, PLEASE

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Re: What happened when i choose to fight and not be the victim to Restons

Post by Ausk on Wed May 16, 2018 9:41 am

You've certainly been through the wringer and not only that your now stronger, better skilled and expereinced, You've come a long way and survived. You have done very well.

Only a small thing but could be important.

When you make them an offer tell them you have this 'x' amount of money to give them on condition they sign a no further claims declaration or contract that you can write yourself.

I posted a document on here a month or so ago that will get you started and can tailoirise to suit your situation if needed.

The key thing is that when you meet them tell them the money you are offering is money that your supporters have given you. Dont mention friends and or family because they are just as likely to try n pressureise you into going back to them and getting more. Tell them its all you have and can afford.

besta luck


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