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Dealing With Junk Mail

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Dealing With Junk Mail

Post by assassin on Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:54 pm

How many people are fed up with deaaling with junk mail and seeing our forests decimated to produce fliers about things most people neither need nor want, and what can you do about it and turn it into some income if they persist.

First and foremost it is essential to contact the MPS (mail preference service) and register with them.

If you get any junk mail after that you have legal comeback, yes I know I used the word legal, and for good reason. Once you are registered with them any company sending fliers or other junk mail to your address are committing an offence and you have redress as your registration means that if they do their due diligence they will see your address is on the register and it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to not send you anything, if they do then you have a case, you have your registration with MPS and you have their flier which is your evidence.

Next you contact them in writing and ask why they have targetted your address when you are registered with the MPS and shouldn't be receiving their junk mail and you enclose your fee schedule along with your correspondence and a copy of their junk mail showing your address. Remind then of "due diligence" and remind them it is their responsibility NOT to send you junk mail. You can also ask them where they got your address from and who they have shared this information with as they buy and sell personal information, your information which is your property.

If they come back with the usual flannel about it being automated systems, someone made a mistake, they weren't aware, or any of the usual psychobabble then they are knowingly doing something they know they shouldn't as programmable or automated systems can have your details programmed out, their mistate = their liability, and yes they are fully aware of the law as the legal maxim "ignorance of the law is no excuse" applies and they are legally required to undertake their due diligence. From here it is a simple matter of you telling them to remove ALL your personal information and adding a huge charge to your fee schedule if they pass, or sell it on.

Next its the small claims court, and yes they are bound by legal precedent in which numerous companies have paid out rather than go to court.

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Re: Dealing With Junk Mail

Post by daveiron on Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:28 pm

I no longer get any junk mail via the post office .They have a form ,its on their website & free and they will not deliver unaddressed mail for 2 years & then i just renew it.
I also have a notice on my letterbox which states "NO UNADDRESSED ITEMS Thank you"
I very seldom get anything unaddressed through my letterbox now & if i do get a flyer through I have made stickers which points out the notice on my letterbox & also says "please respect my wishes" .Put the sticker on flyer ,put in envelope WITH NO STAMP & mail it back to them.

Regarding taking court action I tried this a few years ago with unsolicited phone calls after sending cease & desist notice along with a fee schedule .Most stopped ,the 2 who did not i took to court .(lost both as apparently my action did not form a contract).
Ive even sent a C & D notice to the Vicar ,who by his actions seemed to think that the notice on my door did not apply to him.


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