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Post by assassin on Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:41 pm

One of the things most people moan about is the bland and tasteless food they buy and one simple way of making food taste better and make the foundations for other foods such as sauces is to make your own stock. Most people are happy and content to buy the stock cubes with all their additives and chemicals, but home made stock has a natural flavour by you controlling the ingredients, using something you would normally throw away, and for the adventrous foodie it allows them to make their own custon flavoured stock/s as well as being so easy to do and having the ability to make quantities of stock and freezing it.

Making any kind of stock follows the same method and while there are slight variations between various stock types such as meat or vegetable stock the differences are minimal.

To make a meat stock you take the bone/s of the meat and place in a large pan, for carcases such as chicken or turkey it may pay to break up the carcass, cover the bones with water and bring to the boil and simmer until the required taste is achieved, strain the stock and remove the bones skim off any proteins floating on the surface of the water.

Add a little more cold water and any pieces of meat which must be finely chopped along with any herbs or seasoning and bring to a simmer for several minutes for the meat pieces to break up and for the flavour of the herbs to infuse, then bring up the heat to rapidly boil the stock and reduce and thicken it. If it is not adequately thickened you can make up some cornflower by adding a little cornflower to COLD water and stirring to a paste before adding to the stock and stirring in well and simmering to thicken it.

Vegetable stock differs only in the ingredients used, you cut up any left over vegetables and add them to a pan along with any vegetable peelings and cover with water, add any herbs and bring to the boil and simmer to extract the flavours. Remove the vegetables and peelings and put into a food processor and whizz down to a paste, reduce the stock in your pan by rapidly boiling and when it is reduced you add your blended vegetables back to the stock and stir in well.
Can single vegetable stock be made? yes, these are great as the base for making soups or the bases for things such as specific types of gravy as well as a variety of sauces and you follow the procedure as above.

Storing stock is easy, you can pour cooled stocks into sealeable bags and stored as individual portions and placed into the freezer, or you can save all those sealable bags and pour the stock into moulds, freeze, knock out the moulds and place the frozen stock into one larger bag and get out what you want, when you want. Always mark the bag with the type of stock you have produced and the date you produced the stock.

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