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Moon phases

Why humans cook food ?

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Why humans cook food ?

Post by sleptthroughit on Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:43 pm

If we really were a part of evolution then we also know that no evolutionary plant or animal cooks food . In the food chain of evolution , they all eat each other up raw . We don't have a real liking for natural food and add all sorts of things to change its taste and smell and it's chemistry . We haven't been able to grow an immune system to overcome grass pollen in millions of years and we get hay fever from grass! . I think you have flown in mate And can't deal with it . Make up and happy cooking must have been his last words before bye bye . I say good riddance. eh! Where's my steering going

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Not so newb

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Re: Why humans cook food ?

Post by Lopsum on Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:36 am

We haven't been able to grow an immune system to overcome grass pollen in millions of years and we get hay fever from grass!
mine seems to be fine , some peoples are worse , but its not that we haven't evolved its maybe that our diet can be so wrong that it lowers our immune system,perhaps also vaccinating can lower immune response to other things. Plus alot of the crops we grow make pollen , this cultivated plant could be new , or has certainly altered alot over the last however long , so it could be causing more reaction to it .
as far as cooking not being evolutionary , well it came from using fire which is interaction with the world so not evolution as such but the brain to do it did evolve, there is alot of evidence of evolution perhaps not all is correct and there are missing bits to how we evolved exactly but i find it credible.
What do you think happened?


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Re: Why humans cook food ?

Post by sleptthroughit on Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:54 pm

Would have been nice to see a lion doing a barbecue or a cow boiling her fodder to make it softer . Why would humans be super predatory and yet so docile? , intelligent but meak , week. Dogs should have built roads and birds should have made a car for themselves. What about intelligent design ? If you were a university you would not dare discuss intelligent design . Is that the evidence of supernatural or the creators or is making an aeroplane above all and everything ? So why are humans capable and by what certain factors, that every other species was considerably less capable or not much at all . What's not to say that the cave man was vaccinated ? After all he was a cave man and civilisation hit him almost instantly , considering his lengthy span on the place .
fibonacci is so prevelant in nature and existence , but fails in the stock exchanges because stock exchanges are man made . There are so many constants in nature. Where and how does a man fit in all of this and how does observance itself change him .Why would evolution be so selective to one species and everything else stays as it was ? Just mind boggling .Can there ever be a resolve ?

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Not so newb

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Re: Why humans cook food ?

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