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Illusions of Choice

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Illusions of Choice

Post by assassin on Tue May 02, 2017 7:07 pm

Surely we have a choice?????

No, we only have a choice where the Elites let us have a choice and often that is not a free choice because our options are limited by the options THEY GIVE US and we can show a prime example of this in the world of politics, and we will use this analogy as it is currently topical, but equally the same principles and tactics apply in most aspects of our lives and most people often see this in action by having to pay for things we dont often use or need.

Why an illusion of choice?

It suits the purposes of the elites to make us believe we have a choice when the reality is that they are controlling the choices we have and in political terms we have seen the emergence of the POLITICAL ELITE who are merely a sub-committee of the controlling elite and do the bidding of the elite in the political arena, nothing more.
If we take a look at the system it shows any of us can stand for political office and in doing so we have to overcome the first hurdle which is selection to stand for a particular political party, and this first hurdle is the first point of control from thiose really in charge, this means your choices are already limited as you have to stand for a recognised political party and be selected by them or you have to stand as an independent candidate, without the backing and huge financial resources of a large political party.

In simple terms you have to stand for the ideologies of a particular political party or have sufficient independent funding, or be sufficiently wealthy to stand as a candidate, finance is the controlling factor here.

Next is the selection process itself if you stand for a political party, they will support you if you adopt their ideologies and conform to their control, and notice the word "control" here.

Either way you cannot think for yourself and form your own conclusions as you haven't enough money to stand independently, or you have agreed to the control of a political party and its ideologies, so while many people may dismiss claims of having a limiteed choice the reality shows it to be the case as you really only have two choices to make, either find enough funding for independence or sell your sole to a political party, and these are limited choices. Limited choices are no real choice.
If you are selected for a political party you will have every aspect of your life scrutinised by those at the highest level and this is to assess several things, mainly it is your ability to follow the party line and how you interact to their manipulation of you, and how portray yourself on social media as a few examples of many.

As you progress through the ranks of a political party the scrutiny increases and it is a continual process where the actual controllers of the selection processes are evaluating you for future promotions and where your strengths and weaknesses are so they have a reserve of malleable candidates for the future. One thing we do know is that unless you can follow their agenda you will not progress through a political party, and as candidates are weeded out it reduces the number of candidates who stand for election, and it reduces your choice of suitable candidates when they stand for election.

Come election time how many candidates do you have? in reality each party only fields one candidate and you are not voting for the best candidate, you are voting for a political party and your choices become a mere illusion.

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Re: Illusions of Choice

Post by Society of the Spectacle on Wed May 03, 2017 2:09 pm

But But
Russel Brand is telling Students they Can participate
and BE a part of Change ?
Society of the Spectacle

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