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Discovery - Getting Documents from DCs

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Discovery - Getting Documents from DCs Empty Discovery - Getting Documents from DCs

Post by Ausk on Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:08 am

I have read many posts where debtors are unable to obtain proof of claim documents from Debt Collectors. Perhaps this information on the legal process of Discovery may make things easier.

Discovery of Documents.

During the pre-trial phase (from issue of summons to trial day) each party assembles their best evidence. A very important part of this process involves the obtaining by compulsory process of the other party’s relevant documents such as the Assignment of debt to the Debt Collector (DC) by the Original Creditor (OC), the Original Agreement and the Default Notice to name the 3 critical documents need to obtain a favourable decision from the magistrate for the debt collector.

Then there are all the other documents currently listed in the 3 letters.

In its general form, the discovery process entitles each party to give the other a notice, requiring the other to make a list, verified by affidavit, of all documents in the other’s possession, custody or power which are relevant to any fact in issue in the proceedings, and to produce those documents for inspection.

Some documents are privileged, i.e. they’re confidential between lawyer and client so while Discovery may procure many documents held by the DC, it may not procure them all.

Subpoenas for Production.
In addition to the process of discovery of documents, a party may (as of right) have the court issue subpoenas for production of documents, either to the other party, or to a stranger to the proceedings, commanding the production to the court for the purposes of the proceedings of any document in the recipient’s possession, custody or power. A subpoena can only be issued for a legitimate forensic purpose, which essentially involves the purpose of obtaining documents, which might throw light on issues in the proceedings

Presentation of Documents to Court.

Where there is to be any significant body of documentary evidence, the court usually requires the parties to prepare a “bundle of documents”, indexed and paginated and arranged in chronological or other logical sequence. It remains to be seen if the documents listed in the 3 letters requires the presentation of a "bundle."

Usually, we find that a chronological arrangement facilitates understanding the evidence, because the judge can then read through the documentary record of events and transactions in the sequence in which they took place.

Often, a chronological bundle of documents will provide a sound and relatively uncontroversial structure for the evidence, and the documents will often afford important and significant bases for finding facts where there is controversy.

Notice of Discovery or Notice to Produce tend to be common titles for documents served on the opposition to obtain required documents.

Using a notice of discovery or notice to produce (whatever wording is used,) might be a way in which we can increase our chances of getting the documents DCs have been hitherto very reluctant to give us.


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Discovery - Getting Documents from DCs Empty Re: Discovery - Getting Documents from DCs

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