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Cabot Financial

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Cabot Financial

Post by Jayen4 on Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:11 pm

So.... I have received 2 letters from Cabot Financial asking for payment for a debt which I believe to be statute barred. (Original alleged debt was from 2009).
I give you the history on this..... back in 2008/9 , I ended up having my house reposessed. So,in retaliation I 'dumped' 3 amounts that were 'live' , with Yorkshire Bank..... these being a credit card, a personal loan and an overdraft. Those totalled around £20000. Strange thing is that I NEVER received a single letter from the bank about this ! I still find that strange to this day.....
Anyhow , a certain well known DCA bought this alleged debt from the bank and tried to get me to pay them....this was between 2009 and march 2012. I told them categorically that I would NEVER pay them a single penny , as I knew very well that they were 3 party interlopers and that I knew that they'd bought said debt. Never did pay them a penny and they gave it up after my last letter in march 2012. (This was Marlin btw).
Now , fast forward to mid July this year and this Cabot lot popped up out of the woodwork, asking for the same alleged debt to be paid to them ! They were ignored , so they have now sent a letter telling me that they have passed the 'account' to an outside dca by the name of Ruthbridge Limited...... Of note here is that the letter from Cabot and a letter from this Ruthbridge arrived in the same envelope.... This raises my suspicions that Ruthbridge is just another 'in house' company of Cabot.

Now , a few questions for you good people....
Is this Ruthbridge a part of Cabot Financial ??
Is Cabot a part of (or associated with) Marlin ??
Am I correct in thinking that this is Statute Barred' ?? (There has been ZERO contact with anyone since 3/2012 ).

I'm not sure that the '3 letters' process applies here , as I did NOT have any contact with the bank after I dumped the above mentioned on them. Clearly Marlin purchased the 'debt' back in 2009 and they were told where to go in no uncertain terms !

So.... What do we think ??? Ignore them still or tell them to 'put up or shut up' ?? .....or threaten to sue them for for attempted fraud and extortion ??..... I shall NEVER pay any of these leeches a penny , as they have no legitimate claim !


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Re: Cabot Financial

Post by daveiron on Wed Aug 15, 2018 7:21 pm

Hi Jeyen4,
I would start the 3 letters with them. They are claiming you owe them . You want all the documentation to prove it.
Everything in the 3 letters.
Have you ever had the default notice ?

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Re: Cabot Financial

Post by Jayen4 on Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:44 pm

Hi Dave,
To the best of my recollection , I have never had a default notice from anyone ! The first that I heard of this was from Marlin , back in '09.....
You think that the 3 letters still apply, given that I never heard from the original bank and have NO paperwork from them ??


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Re: Cabot Financial

Post by daveiron on Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:10 pm

Yes do the letters to whoever is contacting ,they are making the claim its up to them to prove it.

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Re: Cabot Financial

Post by waylander62 on Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:22 pm

to be honest mate if they bought this debt between 2009 and 2012 and you have not paid the debt purchasers a penny then they are statute barred,

send them a letter stating that you are not aware of any balance owing on this debt and furthermore if there were any amount that may still be owing then you will not be paying anything as it is statute barred under the statute of limitations act.

keep it simple and if you can find the letter which marlin first sent you back in the day, take a look at the amount owing and check it with the amount owing on the latest letter. if no difference then that is proof of it being statute barred.

do this for all 3 of these debts.

Very helpful
Very helpful

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Re: Cabot Financial

Post by Jayen4 on Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:49 pm

O.K. .... Bit of an update....
I've had another look at the letters received so far from Cabot. The first one from mid july refers to a credit card....this one for £7718 and under some 'summer offer' ,they say that they want to 'save' me £1929 ! So that sort of tallies with what I remember the C.C. being , when I dropped it on the bank.
The second letter(s) refers to a loan and the amount on this one is £17807..... from memory , I think that the original loan was for around £15000 , so there seems to be some 'costs' added to that one ! On the back of the Ruthbridge letter is a form to fill in , so that I may pay them..... erm yeah , riiight !
Oh and I've sort of come to the conclusion that this 'ruthbridge' IS a part of Cabot. I've also found out that Marlin was bought by Cabot back in 2014 for around £350m ! (So, that is the link to Marlin.). There must be a lot of gullible people out there for them to throw money like that around..... I also came across an old t.v. programme (Dispatches or some such) , where they put a guy in to Marlin undercover..... and the level of lying, wrongdoing and general scumbaggery that was going on by the dca's was incredible !
Still pondering whether to simply ignore them or get right in their faces about this spurious claim / approach.... Got other more important things to be dealing with at the moment....
Any other help or observations appreciated....


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Re: Cabot Financial

Post by Sponsored content

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