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Moon phases

licensed drone operator

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licensed drone operator

Post by howdeedoodee on Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:35 pm

Hi Folks

I'm new to the forum,can i put this info here,admin please let me know, i put some of it in the new members area but this is the updated versions as follows.

Hi Folks

I've been studying Human rights and the law for the last 10 years but have so far acted silently.
I have watched what must be thousands of hours on youtube and read thousands of documents of everything corrupt about the banking,legal,police and bailiff system.
I have never paid a parking fine in my life and have had plenty of bailiffs turn up at my door but sent them packing due to my vast knowledge of the law and human rights as stated.
One thing i have noticed from a lot of the video's on Youtube is the camera work can be a bit bad and not show the whole picture, it misses very important video if needed for proof to the police and private prosecutions.
I am a licensed and insured drone operator with 25 million liability cover and can film above people and property legally.
If upon request by the police i carry documentation to prove to them they could not stop me from flying a drone above say an eviction capturing UHD 4K video and images, My drone has a zoom lens and most times they would not even know it was there because at about 300 feet you cant even see or hear it,.. but i can still capture ultrasharp UHD 4K Video as though you were standing 25 feet above the whole crowd.
This would be invaluable in capturing from a birds eye view every conceivable thing that happens and i can live stream to Youtube as it happens if need be.
I only use my drone for helping me in my business so don't really have much of a Youtube channel but i do have a few video's helping the fire service and local 6.00pm News channel plus roof surveys and other bits and bobs here:  NOTE: not all the video's were taken in 4K video but only Standard HD.
I have the advanced equipment to allow me to fly from up to ten miles away from where the drone may be filming, however technically this does not comply with the CAA rules (Civil aviation authority)
So.....i am based in Nottingham and would like to get involved in fighting our liberties, I would be happy to bring along my drone equipment to film anybody/group that needs my help similar to these video's on youtube.

The plan would be to fly from say a mile away unannounced with me having a radio link or cellphone with another member in the crowd instructing me where exactly to film.
The drone i have is very advanced and can flip from filming one area to another in a second, i would never advertise that i am there because if police/bailiffs knew this they would be less likely to misbehave.
I have seen a video in the USA where a drone captured an assault by a police officer and the footage was shown in court at the last minute unbeknown to the city's defence and the victim got a $60,000 settlement.
To cover me legally flying a mile away (line of sight) i have to have a spotter with binoculars watching the drone while i operate it via VR goggles, this is no big deal as i have powerful binoculars anyway,...the law is that someone has to have the drone in their sight in case it goes out of control, however this is very very unlikely because the drone has 2 x GPS locking chips, 2x onboard CPU'S, 4 x obstacle avoidance vision sensors and a whole host of other sensors, the technology now allows drones to fly through dense woodlands following someone and flying around trees and obstacles avoiding them, the technology really is the stuff of Sci-fi movies, see here:
Additionally before the flight i can set the drone to fly to an alternative landing point anywhere within about 10 miles so i the event that the police found where i am i turn off the transmitter in a split second and the drone flies to the predefined spot, turning on the transmitter will not reveal where that point was.....90% of the value is in the drone not the transmitter so i or someone else would just retrieve the drone when safe to do so.
Watch the video to the end, you will be truly amazed at what it can do, most of the video is actual footage from the drone so you will see the quality of what footage can be achieved.
NOTE: i do have a £50 cheap dummy drone as a decoy for confiscation if the crap really hit the fan.
I use 256 bit encryption/VPN on all my devices (phone, laptop etc) for ultimate privacy


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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by daveiron on Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:27 pm

Hi howdeedoodee,

Please keep it all in one thread , It keeps everything tidy & easier to find.

thanks dave

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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by Phillpots on Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:54 pm

Interesting idea. I assume no sound is captured of ground level by the drone so if others were recording sound at ground level it could be synced in an edited video of the event. At what wind strengths would you not operate your drone? Just noticed two posts running. Perhaps admin can transfer mine to correct post if this is not correct post.

Very helpful
Very helpful

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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by howdeedoodee on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:31 pm

Maximum wind speed i can fly in is 40 mph and the 4k video is rock solid due to 3 axis gyro stabilization, however 40 mph winds only occur very occasionally during the year,maybe VICTIMS could ask bailiffs to come when its calm Very Happy


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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by howdeedoodee on Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:08 pm

Here is a video of drones in 40 mph winds showing rock solid 4k video

Just a thought....I've seen some pretty bad rough housing and actual assault by bailiffs and police but the video captured on phones and camera's is really shaky and not that clear, even though you can tell that there was an assault in a court of law it has to be crystal clear and this is what a drone provides, if you look at my first post with links to video's of evictions its obvious assaults took place but in a courtroom i bet the police defender would worm their way out of it saying the video evidence is unclear.


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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by howdeedoodee on Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:40 am

If you look at 11 minutes 41 seconds into this video you will see the bailiff with the yellow jacket on top of someone which looks like he's punch/strangling/assaulting someone but again its unclear.....if this were captured on drone someone would be in for a big fat compensation cheque?


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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by daveiron on Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:35 pm

One of those being assaulted was Ceylon. It also shows the corporate thugs utterly failing to uphold their oath .obviously under orders ,but cowards non the less

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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by howdeedoodee on Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:58 pm

I can also fly/be up in the sky indefinitely with just a 30 second battery change every 45 minutes as the drone has an extended battery system.
The SD card can record 100hrs of video at a time.
The drone also has a 5 x cree led 3000 lumen spotlight


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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by handle on Sun Aug 26, 2018 6:23 am

what make and model is the drone. I am very interested in your post.
How does one get a licensed operator certificate? eg to fly in London


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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by Tom Bombadil on Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:58 pm

Hi howdedoodee!

Your offer sounds very interesting.

Can I suggest that you ask around as to when an 'event' is taking place? These things are advertised on web boards and face ache pages etc, and then JUST GO THERE!

Lots of folk turn up to these gatherings and just shoot! There is really no asking especially if you understand that to be used as evidence, the footage is best kept under wraps until after it has been used as evidence!

Your idea is a VERY good one.
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil
Very helpful
Very helpful

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Re: licensed drone operator

Post by Sponsored content

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