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The Real Agenda

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The Real Agenda

Post by assassin on Sun May 07, 2017 2:04 am

It was a serious question which was asked and the question was "what is the real agenda behind mass immigration" and of course there are numerous answers.

1/ It floods and overloads our systems and it allows Governments to tax people considerably more using the excuse of the NHS, schools, and local services to name a few.

2/ It introduces many ailments and illnesses to the country which we, as a country have eradicated many decades ago, win for the large pharmaceuticals industry.

3/ It allows future Governments to introduce privitisation of many essential services we are already paying for.

4/ It is the trial of such schemes to allow them to be rolled out across the world under a one world Government, and allows those behind such schemes to evaluate it and formulate different strategies. Let me explain, the current EU is the testing ground for world domination and once the EU has taken over Europe without war they will evaluate the processes used and evaluate them for the future, they have already divided the world into three zones, Europe, Asia, and the Americas and will use the same tactics to colonise the world in each area. Once this is achieved there will be no sovereign states and these three blocks will be merged together to create the one world superstate with one Government and no sovereign states.

5/ This is the worst of all, currently Europe has an open door policy and is open to anyone, once in the EU these illegal immigrants can travel everywhere so we can conclude this is a secondary action to undermine sovereign states, but how? if we look back to the coronation of the queen she signed a contract with the British people in which she agrees to uphold the traditions and values of the British people, so how is this relevant. Different countries and different regions of the world have different traditions and values than those of the UK, if we suddenly get lots of large groups of immigrants from different countries or different regions than ours we suddenly get different values to traditional British values, and our traditions and values change; and our monarch has to uphold them.

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