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The Giant Police Con

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The Giant Police Con

Post by assassin on Sun May 07, 2017 11:26 am

Its a new tactic by the po-lice and its being folled out (unofficially of course) and to date it is most commonly used in traffic stops, but it will also be used in other circumstances also; so what is it?

It has been nicknamed "the outrageous behavior" tactic and it works very simply.

There are procedures the Po-lice have to follow, they have a code of conduct by which they are all bound and if they break this its all null and void, they have to have "reasonable cause" to stop a vehicle and often this is where lie to justify reasonable cause, they have traffic stop procedures which they are bound by and these are breached with aplomb currently, and they have various other codes they are bound by and these cover everything from baton use to CS spray use.

How does it work? actually very simple and extremely effectively as it makes it much easier to get a case into court and for the case to be given credibility. If you are stopped by two or more cuntstables one of them will deal with you and for no apparent reason they will act outrageously and well outside their remit, this is the tactic.
If a case goes to court and you tell the magistrates or judge what happened they will laugh it out of court and find it very difficult to believe a constable acted in this manner and in cross examination they lie and their colleague/s back them up, this undermines your credibility as a witness and automatically puts you on the back foot unless you get dome documentary evidence to substantiate your allegations.

These tactics are being used more and more by the Po-lice and only where it is a quiet road with no CCTV or witnesses, and obviously they never have their body cameras switched on.

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