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Self Defence Against Police

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Self Defence Against Police

Post by assassin on Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:50 pm

Its a sad fact that anyone can be stopped by the po-lice these days and many innocent people become victims of their crimes against the people through their fraudulent actions and cover up's of the crimes they commit and often end up with criminal records for doing nothing and actually being innocent.

Po-lice work on two things which are money and statistics and they will take any opportunity to manipulate either for a favourable outcome and they will be protected by those around, and above them for several reasons, the first is public confidence, the main priority of po-lice forces and Government is for the public to have "faith in the po-lice" and this is their overriding concern, yet recent statistics show that only 46% of the population have any faith in the po-lice which means the remaining majority of 54% dont have faith in them.
This means that any c*unstable has to look for any opportunity he/she can to get a conviction or serve a notice upon someone as the various notices used by po-lice also go into their plus box and actually count as a conviction which shows beneficially in their figures, if anyone makes a claim against them they have to mitigate these thrugh an alleged investigation and mitigate them by finding against the claimant/victim of their criminal acts as these show in the negative column, and remember they have a balancing act when it comes to figures (statistics).

Money is crucial as many more people are claiming against the po-lice and they are making more awards of compensation than ever before where people have significant evidence of po-lice corruption and the amount of corrupt po-lice activity shows in the seriousness of the claim against them and the lengths they will go to and the dirty tricks they will use to cover up this illegal activity and limit or totally avoid a damages pay out and they do this by lying and fraud.

In a recent case against Nottinghamshire Po-lice they pulled out the full bag of corrupt tricks when they viciously and violently assaulted someone, their first trick was to follow their victim to a very secluded location where they couldn't be seen and there were no witnesses, in the months prior to this they were all supposed to be wearing body cameras and unsurprisingly one of them claimed he wasn't wearing one when he should have been and the other claimed theirs wasn't switched on, and unsurprisingly, there was no vehicle camera footage as the po-lice account of the incident was seriously flawed, and they didn't want any evidence of their criminal acts which were to follow.
They viciously beat the victim and turned tail, they claimed that in fact they were the victim of an assault which is their first tactic, they play the victim, and I have seen the pictures of the real victim and the injuries were horrific, yet neither of the c*ntstables had any marks on them and the real victim of their vicious assault had no marks on either of his knuckles, yet the victim was taken to hospital and admitted due to the severity of the injuries inflicted upon him.

Next came the return to the po-lice station and the duty solicitor attended, two statements were produced for the duty solicitor, she laughed at them and said not guilty and made a note of their contents which showed they existed, and what they said, and the claims in them were very specific and unambiguous and this is the first thing she picked up on as most of it was incorrect and could be proven so.

What happened next was a pure cover up, the duty solicitor passed the case to a colleague in another office and they submitted requests for information to the po-lice, much of this was not forthcoming and they claimed they could do little to force the po-lice to issue this information; here we have a clear case of po-lice manipulating and witholding evidence to manipulate the outcome of the court case, but it got worse. Statements passed to the on call solicitor were substantially different to those given to the solicitor representing the victim, the po-lice were tackled about the missing and undisclosed evidence and they simply did nothing.

There are some simple things anyone can do, always have a solicitor and for good reason, if any statements are issued to bring charges then get the solicitor to photograph them as most mobile phones have a copy or fax attachment and you have physical proof of their existance and content, and do not take no for an answer as in this case the recording of the documents existing, and their content is often not enough. If two statements are used then the second statement will be doctored and done after the fact, in this case it was to cover up numerous flaws in the original statement and you have pictures of the original undisclosed statements and the doctored ones which are submitted then you have a clear case of fraud.


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