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Po-lice Corruption

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Po-lice Corruption

Post by assassin on Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:46 am

Many regular site members will have seen the cases dropped and investigated in December 2017 and this was the failure of the po-lice to disclose information they were bound to disclose, but didn't, it was concluded that the po-lice were playing judge and jury instead of investigating impartially and submitting ALL of the evidence to the CPS.

Investigations undertaken by a few of us have revealed that this is just the tip of the iceberg and this fraud goes much deeper than serious crimes and appears to have happened for over a decade now so that they can get a conviction by fraudulent means as it goes in their credit column and improves their figures which is all it seems, matters these days.

There appears to be a common theme here and this is that if someone is arrested they are taken to a po-lice station and hand written pig statements are made, if charges are bought then it is these statements which are used to bring charges, once charges are bought then miraculously these hand written statements disappear and are never seen again; new typed statements are produced and these alter significantly and often contradict the hand written statements used to bring charges, but why? because the lice have time to read your statement and listen to your interview and this is merely the first step in a filtering process.

1) Any basic errors are removed and where they make very specific and unambiguous claims they are changed to very vague and unspecific claims, an example would be that "the vehicle stalled at a junction" and when they find out your vehicle is an automatic and not a manual and it cannot stall at a junction they change the specific claim to "the vehicle appeared to stall at the junction" instead.

2) They change their statements to bring them more into line with yours, if they make a clear and specific claim that you were doing 35 MPH in a national speed limit area and you claim that you were doing 50 MPH then they change their statement and say you were doing approximately 50 MPH and the closer their statement is to yours, the more credible they will look in a magistrates court.

3) They add evidence, they try to form a picture and if they viciously assault you they have to justify this level of violence and claim you actually assauted them and they were trying to defend themselves from YOUR attack on them and that they were trying to control the situation and they only assault people in more remote locations where there are no witnesses. Now they have statements which largely agree with yours in the majority of areas and only differ in certain areas which gives them credibility.

4) A friend who is a criminal defence solicitor of over 30 years experience gave me the next one, she claims that in the majority of cases two or multiple lice sit down together and discuss what they are going to put in their statements so they all tally up, she claims that in around 80% of cases this is the case and they should be in different areas and make their statements, or even at different locations as this is highly illegal and proving they have done this is problematic without these original statements used to bring charges.

5) If you are arrested then say nothing, do not give them your name or any other information and always have the duty solicitor, all solicitors carry mobile phones and most of them have a fax or document copying facility, when you speak to your solicitor you ensure you are in a room with NO CCTV equipment as these generally have audio and the lice can look at what you have said to your solicitor, get your solicitor to copy these original statements and you have evidence of their existance and their content. If you are charged they will make good evidence where there are numerous differences betwen the statements used to bring charges and those they produce for court, when you have spoken to your solicitor and he/she tells you to answer their questions you simply decline and say nothing during interview.
Donna always photographs these original statements and when the lice disclose their doctored evidence she hits them with the old statements and the new ones and where she does this around 90% of the cases are dropped before they get to court. She claimed that in most cases the lice destroy these original statements and claim they do not exist and when she does go to court with them she can hit the lice so hard with the old statements using the pictures from her phone and the new statements as she claims thatthere are always significant differences and this totally undermines the lices credibility where they have changed their statements.

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Re: Po-lice Corruption

Post by daveiron on Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:38 am

Its also & i cannot stress this enough very important to film ALL interactions with plod ,including your statement ,If they refuse to let you film it ,then do not sign it. Cameras are the best defense we have & plod cannot confiscate or view without a court order.

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Re: Po-lice Corruption

Post by El E Mentary on Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:11 am

oh well Rolling Eyes

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Re: Po-lice Corruption

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