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More Police Lies

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More Police Lies Empty More Police Lies

Post by assassin on Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:52 am

Its interesting what you see, if only you bother to look.

Derbyshire rural areas have been in the news again and the surge in rural crime has been a big issue, apparently; so I saw a little on the news and the po-lice claimed that in the Peak District, 10% of it is rural areas and they cannot police them; so why are they doing a job they openly admit they cannot do, and then they claim they are setting up a rural crime unit. Laugh, I nearly p*ssed myself, so Derbyshire lice only operate in towns and cities and have admitted it on camera for all to see.

Also on camera were three, yes, 3 lice in full hi viz look at me in my clown suit attire on this farm!!!!!! so they cannot police the area, have insufficient manpower to police the area, yet they can turn three muppets out because the TV cameras are there so there are three of them not doing policing duties; how contrary.

In another case in I believe, Oxfordshire, the headlines were about eight licemobiles being involved in a pursuit, yet in another interview someone else claimed they only had three po-lice on that night; and if we assume each had a licemobile then that is three cars, they also admitted that they only had two traffic mobiles on for the whole of that part of the county which by my maths adds up to five, so how are there eight licemobiles involved in a pursuit which lasted less that 5 minutes according to the official lice liars.

How many times do we see the po-lice hyping themselves and their role up in the media, recently I saw another case where a man had a medical issue in a car park and the ambulance was called by a passer by and in the media report it claimed po-lice were called to an incident and assisted in recovering this man, yet nothing from the ambulance service who were the ones who dealt with this medical issue and took him to hospital.
In a follow up report it transpired that the man got into his car and had a slight stroke and someone going to a neighbouring vehicle saw it and called an ambulance, the medics attended and dealt with him at the scene and stabilised him and he got out of the car himself and into a chair to be taken to the ambulance, a photograph appeared which showed five licemobiles turned up and two of them were clocking the car park entrance so the ambulance couldn't get out, so they are short of lice yet 5 carloads of lice turn up and do nothing but hinder the anbulance crew.

It clearly shows that they would seemingly do anything other than policing.

In yet another example a fire crew turned out to a shed fire at the end of a cul de sac and put the fire out, yet three licemobiles turned out to this incident, a po-lice spokesperson claimed it was initially to direct and control traffic!!!!!! what, its a dead end with eight houses, so what needs directing; when this came out they then claimed it was because it could have been arson, really!!! it gets better; if the fire brigade had suspected arson they could have got onto these funy things called radios which they all carry. They could have called their control room and asked for the lice to attend and it would only require one licemobile and not three of them.

It would appear that the lice will do anything and go anywhere to avoid doing any real police work such as detecting crime and catching criminals, and I for one would love to see their shift reports as they would put Enid Blyton and J.K. Rowling to shame with the amount of fiction they must contain; how do they justify five cars attending a medical incident? how do they justify three cars attending a cul de sac.

Feel free to add your own.


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