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EU Tactics Project Fear

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EU Tactics Project Fear Empty EU Tactics Project Fear

Post by assassin on Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:53 am

Project feat is in full swing and the elites of society are spending a small fortune on project fear to ensure the population vote to remain in the EU, and this is for good reason, if they succeed it means that corporate power and influence overrides that of democracy and democracy is dead and corporations dominate and control every aspect of life.
Food has been a big part of project fear and this claims that half our food comes from the EU, and actually it does and this is because the EU has tied us into buying half our food from EU member states and once we leave we are not bound to this, basically it comes down to choice. Do you use supermarkets and which one do you use? Do you use Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose, or Marks and Spencer, or do you make a choice and use them all; and this is exactly what the EU have done, told us which supermarket to use and not allowed a choice, but why. Money is the reason as the EU takes a tariff from every food supplier outside the EU and puts this into their pockets and expects us to pay for this, basically they are saying which supermarket you shop at and take away your choice to shop where you like.

What are the realities? Its all about jobs for the EU member states and little else as they create jobs and take a small slice for themselves and deny us the choice and expect us to pay for it. Will we be short of food; no is the simple answer and while we may not get as many types or varieties of foods that we currently have, we will have new and rarer foods imported. Look at where foods come from and this is telling, most of our carrots come from China while most of our beans come from India and anything coming from outside the EU is subjected to a tariff of around 22% which is added to the price and passed onto us. We can simply cut out the middle man and buy straight from the source and stop the EU taking this tariff and putting it into their coffers (pockets) and we make the savings.

Who else produces foods, well to begin with South Africa have an excellent climate and an 11 month growing season and this country alone can provide the UK with all of our traditional fruit and vegetables as well as introducing new varieties not normally seen in this country. Do we really need the Spanish forced fruits grown in giant glass houses where we have strawberries at Christmas which are like bullets when SA can grow them naturally. China and India can provide a lot of our vegetables as they already do along with grains, America and Canada can also provide a lot of out grains, along with nuts and grain products such as flour and Australia and New Zealand can provide many things from lamb to butter and more exotic fruits.

In short there is no problem with food supplies to the UK as we have the super supermarkets which have direct access to the growers themselves who are NOT in the EU and with direct access to them it means we cut out the middle men and their tariffs, the EU, and they do not like this.

Now we come to another of the EU tentacles, environmental pollution; recent reports from the EU (the ones making the claims) state that it releases less greenhouse gases if EU growers grow many foods under glass, but what they do not mention is the transport pollution it creates. In short they only give us snippets of facts and one plain fact is that a standard cargo ship travelling from Australia to the UK with a full cargo of food is more environmentally friendly than the numerous lorries travelling from Spain to the UK to bring the same quantity or tonnage of food.

If we look back to the 1970’s and at a particular document produced by the former Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, he sets out the agenda of the EU and its future plans and this is a publicly available document which anyone can read for themselves; and it trades solely on creating fear and using tactics to prevent any individual member state being self reliant. Look at the evidence, Nationalised industries such as coal mining, steel making, and railways being privatised, but why? A fair question and one which proves the second statement that every step the EU takes is a little step which is a positive step to their ultimate goal of domination. We had around 700 years of accessible coal reserves and coal produced electricity and fuels such as petrol and diesel as well as lubricants such as oils, and the NCB/British Coal actually had a plant producing these from coal, so we had self sufficiency in fuels and we could also produce gas from coal as we previously did when we produced town gas. Steel industries allowed us to produce our own steels and metal products and to recycle our own steels and make new products such as we did with our heavy industry as well as allowing us to make our own cars, lorries, and trains to name a few. Railways allowed us to transport heavy and lighter goods around the UK, we could transport fish from the Scottish and southern fishing industries and move them quickly and easily around the country, and move food crops from Norfolk to the rest of the country.

How was this achieved? Environmental legislation as this killed off most of these industries and left the UK reliant upon other countries within the EU to provide the majority of our goods and raw materials we relied on and where an EU country couldn’t supply it the EU negotiated an import tariff which went into their pockets. Privatisation also served another purpose as it allowed foreign competitors to buy up stock in UK countries major industries and merge them with their operations, close them down to remove the competition, or a combination of both, the evidence is there of this happening. Which Government did the most damage? Both of them, Labour and Conservatives which shows they are two sides of the same coin and are both running to the same agenda, and we are paying for it all.

Money was their next objective and the document specifically mentions taking control of the entire continents money supplies and controlling them, control the money supply and you control the continent, and the evidence is in plain sight, the Euro, the standard currency of all the EU countries except the UK. They set up the European Central bank and the EU clearing bank and this is how they control the money of Europe and how they control mass populations, but as the EU is not a state or country how do they have a central and clearing bank as no other country should recognise it; what most people don’t know is that the ECB can print as much money as they like and are a law unto themselves.
This manifested itself when the Greek economy collapsed and they forced the Greek president into a new deal with them in return for giving them less money than they needed with the intention of bankrupting Greece, and it worked, their agenda was to get the Greeks back to ask for more money and again it worked. When the Greek finance minister visited the EU he offered them a viable plan and it was totally ignored and to quote the Greek finance Minister “they rejected the plan and tried to bamboozle me” and the reasons for this became clear as they blackmailed the Greek government into compliance with their deal. What was the deal?

The EU wanted the Greek Government to sell off all Greek national assets and give them 75% of them and for the president to hand over control of Greece by resigning and installing a front man for the EU, which turned into three front men taking orders directly from Brussels, now their agenda became abundantly clear. Not only did they want control of the country, they wanted ownership of their public assets, but why? If you own the country you only have partial control as people can rebel and riot, but own all the public assets, or a controlling interests in them and you can exert more control over a population. But, it gets worse as many EU front companies are buying up controlling interests in other countries stock and selling it onto other EU front companies and then go into liquidation themselves to break the trail of control and not expose these front companies, and also to give themselves a simple get out. Their stock excuses are “the company was in financial difficulties and sold its stock” or “they had an EU loan and couldn’t pay it back and as creditors we accepted a deal” and other such excuses to deceive the public.

There are many more things I could mention but this is already long enough and people can figure it out for themselves.


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EU Tactics Project Fear Empty Re: EU Tactics Project Fear

Post by assassin on Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:56 am

Many people will have seen what happened in the recent Greek economic crash and the EU decreed that all monies and financial assets could be seized by the Government and paid directly to the EU central bank against Greek debts. Nobody had any prior warning of this happening and most Greek people had their savings snatched directly from their bank accounts without their consent or knowledge, and without any recourse to law.

To understand the foundations of this we have to look at legislation and actually see how putting your hard earned money in a bank is defined in law and this is essential to allow progression through this document with full understanding. In law putting money into a bank is defined as:

Gifting a deposit of cash or other financial asset, security, or commercial instrument.

This is very telling if we dissect the legal definitions as it begins with the word gift which is defined as giving another a non-returnable item or asset with cash or other tangible value. Immediately you have NOT given them something which you expect to be returned as it is a gift, and the deposit relates to the asset or tangible value of that gift which shows it has an asset or financial value.
This means they can do with your gift whatever they will and you have no say in what they do with your cash or valuables in any account or safe keeping such as in safety deposit boxes, note the term SAFETY DEPOSIT box.

Deposit is the key word as by DEPOSITING anything with a bank it automatically becomes THEIR property and not yours, and they have no obligation to return it, and they can dispose of it how they see fit, this includes giving it away to cover their own debts.

Early in April 2014 the 13 EU ministers whom are unelected and cannot be removed took this a stage further and applied a similar scheme across all EU member states without consultation or even publicly announcing it, and this is their snatch your cash. They decided in a “behind closed doors” meeting that would give themselves the power to take any cash from any bank in any EU member state and this has gone unreported, so what does it mean?
If you have cash or assets in any bank which is located in any EU member state they can legally take your cash or assets without your consent or knowledge and you have no recourse or comeback against them, basically it is legalised theft and the current levels are:

£10,000 cash or more UK Sterling in any one single account they can take up to 50%.

Combined assets of a lawfully married or civil partnership couple combined to a total of £10,000 in individually held accounts in the same bank, they can take up to 50%.

Combined assets of a lawfully married or civil partnership couple combined to a total of £10,000 in individually held accounts in different banks, but within the same banking group they can take up to 50%.

Combined assets of a lawfully defined Common Law couple (unmarried, but living together for 26 weeks consecutively or longer) combined to a total of £10,000 in individually held accounts in different banks, but within the same banking group they can take up to 50%.

Small businesses or sole traders with a turnover which classes them as a small business in each member states individual legislation with a balance of £10,000 or over for 30 consecutive days, they can take up to 50%.

However there are no plans to link a small business account to the business owner’s or directors personal accounts at this time, this is subject to change.

There are no plans to link a child’s bank account to parent’s bank accounts at this time.

What does it mean in the real world? If you are a married couple, civil partnership couple, or Common Law man and wife and you have a single joint bank account in a bank with more than £10,000 in it then you will be liable to be legally robbed.

If you are a married couple, civil partnership, or Common Law couple and have two or more bank accounts in the same bank or two different banks in the same banking group then all your accounts will be added together and if you have a combined total of £10,000 or more then you will be robbed.

In the original document it states “a financial asset” which means anything other than cash with an asset value and it is this which causes the most concern as the assets are not defined in the document, so it can mean any asset you hold in a bank. Obviously if you hold shares in a bank or banking group they can be defined as an asset so the value of your shareholding can be added to the total value of your cash. If you have an investment with a bank such as an ISA then the value of the ISA can be added to the total value of your accounts, if you have a private pension through your bank then the value of this can be added to your total cash to give a value of over £10,000.

Most private pensions alone exceed an asset value of £10,000 and unless you have just started a private pension you can expect your private pension to be robbed also along with any ISA or investment.

Why are the EU taking such steps? Because the EU has acted like banks and created money from nothing and have securitized documents to create that money and now the time has come to repay that money and they cannot repay it. To stave their creditors off they have increased EU member states payments and securitized even more documents to create even more cash from nothing and inevitably it will implode. Every EU member state is currently bankrupt and so is the EU and this is why the EU wants your cash, in the event of the economic crash they will come out of it with more cash and can fulfil their objective of taking over every member state and making them one super state. England will go, Germany will go, Spain will go, Portugal will go, Holland will go, in fact every member country will go and be dissolved and the current EU members will all become one giant country and as we all know this is the goal they have been working towards since the late 1940’s.

You can protect yourself with a few simple steps; if you are an individual, married couple, civil partnership couple, or a small business then you need to split your financial and other assets. To do this you need to open two or more bank accounts in two separate banks in two separate banking groups, and avoid the Spanish bank Santander as Santander made great inroads into UK banking with the financial assistance of the EU. Santander have offered great bank accounts and this is for the benefit of the EU as any account holder with them will have banking and personal details held by them sent directly back to the EU so we can call it legalised personal data theft.

By splitting your banking and keeping your balance below £10,000 in each account they cannot touch your money at this time, but be aware things may change; they may decrease the asset value from £10,000 to £5,000 or change the percentage up from 50% to a higher percentage without warning.

If you regularly receive large cash or financial sums, particularly a small business or self employed individual, then ask for it to be paid as smaller sums with two or more cheques so you can pay them into their respective bank accounts. Never fall foul of exceeding £10,000 in any, or multiple accounts within one banking group. If they won’t do this then pay the cheque into one account and as soon as it is clears draw it out in CASH and pay it into your other account. Never transfer it from one account to another account electronically as it will link one account with a bank in a banking group to another separate bank in another banking group, so never fall foul of this as records are kept for infinity.

How likely is it to happen? On the basis of probability it will be very soon as they are preparing in advance and it has already happened in Greece so it can now happen anywhere across the EU member states.

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