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My First Week

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My First Week

Post by assassin on Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:33 am

Its been my first week on activated charcoal and the results are significant.

After my unprovoked beating by you know who I found trouble with an adrenal gland, and my blood pressure had risen significantly, one of the claims for activated charcoal was it improved the performance of the adrenal glands which was a benefit I wanted along with cleansing my digestive system which is medically proven to happen with activated charcoal.

After collecting mine on Monday I read the instructions and it said to take 2 after eating and I did, what surprised me was that within one hour the banging from my raised blood pressure was weakening and within hours it had stopped totally, at this point I decided to check my blood pressure and it had dropped significantly, not back to its normal level, but the drop was significant and showed up on the blood pressure machine. Within 2 days it had dropped back nearly to its normal level and I felt much better in myself, by today it was back to its normal level and has been verified by taking my blood pressure myself.

My bodily functions have changed, especially my toilet habits and I will divide these into liquids and solids.

Solids have decreased in frequency and initially they were nearly black and very smelly, they lightened in colour throughout the week and are nearly back to their original colour, they were very dense and solid and have remained very dense and solid.

Liquid outputs have increased which suggests my kidneys performance has improved and I have been drinking things I wouldn't normally drink such as fizzy pop to test how this affects things and I have noticed that if and when I drink them I need the toilet sooner which suggests the toxins contained in them are being removed quicker, meaning it must be working, the liquids started off much darker than usual and were slightly hazy, throughout the week they have lightened in colour and the initial haze disappeared. Comparisons with a urine colour chart show it is nearly at its optimum colour and that it contains some toxins that are being removed from my body.

There has been improvements to my skin as a skin condition was forming, this has now cleared up.

I await week 2 with interest.

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Re: My First Week

Post by daveiron on Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:25 am

Thats a coincidence assassin ,I bought activated charcoal tablets a few weeks ago & only started to use them a week ago,I've only been taking one a day & have had a feeling of general well being ,I did not in all honesty expect to find any changes ,maybe its just a coincidence but I will stick with it and see what happens.


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Re: My First Week

Post by assassin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:18 am

Mine require you to take two after eating, up to 6 tablets per day maximum and are the 260 gram tablets.

It would be nice to see how you benefit, if at all, and we can compare notes.

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Re: My First Week

Post by landlubber on Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:28 pm

Well, assassin, Dave, it's been a short while since you both spoke about taking activated charcoal tablets, so, how are things going today? Have you any noticeable effects in the way you both look or feel. I started taking them recently, just 2 a day. My reason for do so is that following a drastic dietary change a couple of years ago, I began to put on belly weight, whereby I went from 32 waist to 34 now. I'm hoping that these tablets may make a difference whereby I can return to my original waist size. I don't eat red meats, nor sweets, but I do eat quite a lot of fruits and veg in my daily diet. I drink only distilled water as it comes and in mixes with apple juice and herbal teas. Just an addition here. It is said that if one takes too many of the AC tablets it can have an adverse effect on the intestine by hardening same. Any thoughts?

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Not so newb

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Re: My First Week

Post by daveiron on Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:49 pm

Hi LL,

Difficult to assess,i'm taking 2 per day.
Just over a year ago I went vegiterian & six months later dairy free,also only use distilled water for drinking / cooking etc. I do feel a lot healthier .Whether its the effects of change of diet kicking in or the AC I don't know.
If they do pull toxin from the body I will keep taking them because we are still exposed to a lot of crap no matter how careful we are.


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Re: My First Week

Post by assassin on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:31 am

I find that the recommended dosage of 6 per day maximum is a little too much as they recommend 2 after meals, I cut this down to 1 after light means and 2 after dinner and I actually feel better and I pee a lot more which is removing the toxins as they clearly state this.

I have deliberately eaten certain nasty foods to try them out and when I have eaten these foods I pee a lot more but it is always consistent in colour which according to medical experts is the right colour for a healthy digestive system.

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Re: My First Week

Post by Sponsored content

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