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Steel Empty Steel

Post by assassin on Sat May 25, 2019 4:00 am

Remoaners have glibly proclaimed that the demise of British Steel is down to Brexit and nothing else, so why are the remoaners portraying this as fact when it is actually a total lie and why are people buying into such drivel?

When British Steel was sold to Indian company Tata it had to rationalise the industry and did so, but why did Tata sell the company to Greybull Investments should be the first question people ask. Tata had British Steel as the epicentre of its European steel operations and uncertainty about Brexit made European customers nervous, would they be able to buy steel? Would they be paying a tariff after Brexit? And what quantities of steel could they buy?

While this is an oversimplification it does highlight the glib and flippant comments made by remoaners who have no knowledge of steel and how it is made, transported, or used; and it is being used as an excuse in the game of fear porn currently abound. In reality the truth is somewhat different and goes back many years and the EU were the sole instigators of this coup and they have done this by little more than a game of divide and conquer and the sole objective of the EU was to divide Europe so no country was self sufficient or self reliant and had to create a closed shop. To do this they used various legislation to close down many industries such as coal mining in the UK as this industry was the greatest threat to their plans of having no EU country self reliant and making each country reliant upon other EU countries to create a closed market which totally contradicts their anti competition legislation, buy hey it’s the EU and they ignore their own legislation when it suits them and their agendas.

Coal was such a threat for many reasons, with coal you can generate electricity, with coal you can create town gas, with coal you can create other fuels such as diesel and petrol from coal and the National Coal Board already had Point of Ayr which was a plant dedicated to producing petrol, diesel and oil from coal along with many other industrial gases. This is why the EU began a supergrid for electricity and gas across the EU as their real agenda was to control member states by controlling their power as this would force Governments to follow the EU agenda by instilling fear into the UK population and industries and this was done through the agenda of promoting more lies called global warming, and this morphed into climate change when their lies were exposed as the earth was actually cooling down. Coal mining was a steel heavy industry as every underground roadway has steel arches called rings every 3-4’ and heavy machines from Eimco, Dosco, Joy, and many more which were all extremely heavy and built of steel and this is before we factor in everything else. Dowty made hydraulic pit props, Meco and Radicon made heavy gearboxes and Anderson Strathclyde made coal shearers, then there were the ropes for winding and underground haulages to transport materials underground, and the common denominator? They were all built in the UK and used British steel.

Then there were other industries, cars and lorries, railway locomotives and rolling stock, railway rails, and the list goes on, and by removing these industries you remove markets; and this was all done under the guise of global warming, the ultimate lie.

Many other factors affect steel and the main ones are the importation of raw materials from around the world and by the EU having control of everything imported into Europe by charging tariffs which always goes into the pockets of the EU elite and serves no purpose other than profiteering from the majority. Removing coal allows the EU to control prices of steel and raise prices by forcing the steel industry to use electricity to produce steel instead of using coal and coke to fire furnaces as they did for hundreds of years. EU legislation prevented the UK Government from subsidising electricity prices to steel and other industries, yet Germany still burn brown coal which is the most polluting and can subsidise electricity prices to their steel industry, so why are Germany seemingly exempt from EU legislation which is supposed to be universal across all member states? Because it is part of the process of the division of Europe.

With so many steel heavy industries now departed it meant rationalising the steel produced to meet supply and with such a shrinking market it meant shrinking steel production and created an oversupply of steel across Europe and not just in the UK, no coal mining, very little car manufacturing, no lorries produced in the UK, where did they sell steel to if there is a smaller market.
China entered the fray with an agenda of buying up as much of the worlds scrap steel as they could and while places such as Port Talbot had a boom time it only lasted for a short time until China bought up most of the scrap steel from the UK and resmelted it into steel products and hit the already over supplied European markets and flooded them with even cheaper steel products and caused an even greater decline in the steel industry.

Now we had a death blow, EU environmental legislation and carbon emissions, when Greybull bought the necessary permits to allow them to exceed the carbon emissions as all steel production does, they promptly sold them so steel couldn’t be produced in the UK without breaking the law EU emissions law.

Let’s put this into some context, Britain produces less than 1% of the worlds carbon emissions and if the UK went carbon neutral tomorrow it would have no effect on the worlds carbon emissions and global warming or climate change; China produced more total emissions rises in 1 year then the entire UK produces in its entirety in the same 1 year period.

Now the real killer; EU anti competition laws prevent any Government from subsidising any industry and steel is no exception, so while the UK population want to subsidise steel production and the UK Government want to subsidise UK steel production, they cannot as by subsidising the syeel industry they would be breaking EU law, but of course we are not Germany as they break EU laws with aplomb and it is simply ignored.

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