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I've Been Invaded

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I've Been Invaded Empty I've Been Invaded

Post by assassin on Sun Jul 21, 2019 2:39 am

Earlier in the year I enlarged my top pond to give it more capacity to feed my upper electricity turbine and to allow my natural springs to run into the pond without causing the ground erosion they were causing, and this feeds a much smaller lower pond which also has an electricity turbine installed.

We have a pair of resident swans on the top pond and they are quite tame and Penelope (other half named them) often has a waddle over to see my other half, particularly if she has digestive biscuits, and generally all is well as neither the crazy cat or the dogs bother the swans and vice versa, they all do their own thing without bothering each other. My other half was rushed into hospital and upon returning home, Penelope waddled over and straight into the kitchen and listened for my other half and wadled into the downstairs room she was in and lay down beside her and put her head on her lap and wouldn't move, and they say animals dont know.

Earlier in the year the peace was shattered when we were invaded as we got lots of swans, ducks (various) and Canadian geese take up residence on the extended pond, and we even got a domestic duck from god knows where, along with moorhens and coots, and they are currently all living together on the top pond in harmony except the domestic duck which I named Aylesbury to annoy my other half as he used to come up to me and hiss, so I hissed back and shouted "pot" and "plum sauce" to him and he has calmed down. It is interesting to watch them as Aylesbury has taken to the geese and when they had goslings he was daddy as he rounded them up and kept them in line with their mother on the pond, and he also rounds up the ducklings and shunts them back to their mothers.

Its been nice to see the earlier borrds of ducklings grow up as the earliest are nearly ful sized and the latest broods look tiny by comparison, but they are voracious by comparison to the full size ducks and they aren't in the least bothered by either of us being there as I built my other hald a reclining seat to sit in and I even built her a motorised shade to go over her seat to cover her from the rain and shade her from the sun, power had to be run down as she has a mini fridge and a kettle for making the coffee there also.

We had a "wish I had the camera moment" with Penelope the swan and Crazy the cat as Penelope was sitting down and Crazy was laid at full stretch alongside Penelope, leaning into her and instead of Penelope having her head on her back she had it across Crazy and they were both asleep; when they woke up Crazy began washing Penelope and it was the first time I have ever seen a cat washing a wild swan.

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