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The Cryptocannabinoid Conspiracy

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The Cryptocannabinoid Conspiracy Empty The Cryptocannabinoid Conspiracy

Post by mitch on Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:54 pm

May 29, 2019

In this article that outlines how California is going about establishing its own charter cannabis currency exchange system to circumvent the unilateral federal central banking cartel and the federal injustice system that operates outside of the constitution, there is a very calculated and insidious plan underway to help institute mainstream use of cryptocurrency. What may appear a lollipop on the surface is really a double edged sword.

Everyone wants cannabis legalized. Even the conservative, anal-retentive moral minority can see that not one single person ever died as a result of cancer from pot, since pot is literally the cure for cancer. Studies show that unlike alcohol, drivers’ abilities are enhanced, not impaired, while under its influence and the least-likely people to commit violent crimes are the ones regularly rolling blunts who just want a bag of Doritos and a soft sofa on which to mellow out.

So why the psychotic, nonsensical continuation of enforcing ancient laws written by the FED to derail the legalization of marijuana using their federally-ensured banking system as a weapon to override individual state laws to keep prosecuting passive and otherwise happy pot heads? And why is it states are now devising schemes to evade federal laws in order to see the fledgling industry finally find its own place in the sun by building their own infrastructure to exchange currency when the banking syndicate has shut down every similar plan attempted for decades going into centuries now around the world?

Great questions and the answers are not what you think.

The federal reserve, the federal justice system, the FDIC and every other “federal” agency has nothing to do with the United States of America, as it is a wholly-independent financial and military autocracy operated by beings who are not Americans, not US government agents and are in fact not even human at all. Their front-men may look similar to you, but that’s it.

Entirely operated out of Washington D.C., which is not a state of America, but rather a City State owned and operated by a coalition of foreign investors, the Fed is a cancer that feeds off of the US like a gigantic parasite and only has a voice because they have a standing army bigger than the people. It is not your government.

That coalition’s ultimate agenda is now to place American residents into a pool of human chattel that includes all other global residents under a “unified” system of One World Order rule, and the way they must go about such a massive undertaking is to convince the people they have no options other than to devise their own method of monetary exchange if they are going to rise above the tyranny. And in that one move you will place yourself into the deepest cell in the prison complex, all by your own choice because cryptocurrency is not an independent enterprise unassociated with the central banking system, it IS the new central banking system.

So while you are scurrying about to “legalize marijuana” and set up your own cooperative banking systems because “the fed is simply too feeble to stop all the states in the union anymore”, you totally miss the sleight of hands going on, pushing everyone into POSaBIT or SingleSeed crypto coins in order to make a go of cannabis-to-consumer mom-and-pop enterprises. All such crypto banks are secretly run by the same ones who have been operating the paper currency (“color of money”) Ponzi scheme all along.

Once everyone has migrated to the “safe”, non-FED online banking system that operates entirely by ones and zeros on computer screens managed by pimple-faced computer nerds from mommy basements around the globe, suddenly you will find out just who really runs the new wolf in sheep’s clothing global system and 100% of every transaction will not only be monitored, but individually approved or denied by fiat to lead all the human chattel into following “the grand plan” or you simply will no longer eat.

The IMF runs “money”, globally. The IMF owns the Federal Reserve. They also own every other monetary exchange from Cambodia to the Cayman Islands. Every dime that is coined using incredibly ancient Command Signet geometric symbols is under the absolute rule of their bidding regardless of any fantasy you may have about individual countries having any say who processes their currency. The very word currency is a Satain Cypher code word for Sumerian universal authority that spans not only the color of money, but is the unified global scientific standard by which all particle physics operate that you know nothing about that controls every energetic transaction on a sub-quantum level, a topic much too large to even begin to address in this one article laid out in simple terms in the human handbook series decoding the hive.

The answer to all of this is simple: grow your own herbs and food, trade your tomatoes and dime bags for apples and oranges and tell the FED exactly where they can shove their Ba’al Bonds they’ve convinced you are dollars and cents that they have some sort of right to skim the top of or continue to go down the same path you’ve taken lifetime after lifetime once your technology finally reaches the digital screen.

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