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Important Information

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Important Information

Post by assassin on Thu May 25, 2017 4:22 am

Important information for newcomers to the site.

This site is dedicated to challenging the common perceptions we are all raised with, and bearing that in mind we also have to be mindful of evolution and the fact that our actions are generally a game of chess and as we evolve, so do they. Every time we find a solution to a specific problem they also find another problem to throw in our path and most of our opposition have huge financial and other resources and are often well connected to be able to affect, or even have legislation altered and amended to give them the advantage over us and they have many other ways of controlling or influencing other decisions to our detriment.

We also have the funny handshake brigade to deal with and they can be a formidible opposition, so the key to anyone undertaking a challenge to the establishment needs to be fully researched by anyone undertaking such actions, legal means specific wording and phrases as we are playing in their system and get a word or phrase incorrect and you lose, this is why understanding their game, their rules, and their terminology is so important to us for success.

Lets try a quick test: how many people know the difference between a MIGRANT and a REFUGEE.

A refugee is someone fleeing from a specific set of circumstances which is a threat to their life, under International law a refugee remains a refugee until they reach a safe country at which point they SHOULD seek asylum.

A migrant is not someone whose life is in danger, they often pass through many safe countries to get somewhere for their own benefit, once they get to a safe country and FAIL to claim asylum they become a migrant, yet how often do the media use both terms to garner sympathy from a guillable public (BBC anyone) and for a Government to allow many of them into a country without any real protest.

Now we have the third type, the "DISPLACED PERSON".

Getting the picture now? we think only two types of people exist and suddenly a third type pops up to surprise us, just like the law, it takes us by surprise when we thnk we know something and in reality we dont.

For many newcomers it can be a challenge and the key to success is knowledge, and there are a great many knowledgeable members on this site, so everyone needs to do their research and begin by asking those members for this knowledge.

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