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Lost In Court

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Lost In Court Empty Lost In Court

Post by Jdawg1882 on Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:01 pm

I was a member of the old forum 4/5 years back.
I got quite involved in all this whilst fighting off 50K worth of debts. THANKS TO YOU GUYS
All of them become Statute Barred Soon.
I fought them all off pretty well and havent been contacted by pretty much any of them over the last few years.
One did stick with it and came after me non stop. I managed to stop one claim going to court and they seemed to give up.
The other did make it to court, I lost and the judge favoured with the DC.
I made an application for redetermination to the court within 14 days as i couldnt afford the full £5,000 i was told i had to pay.
The court were telling me a fee needed to be paid but i was told on here that if it was made within 14 days of the hearing i wouldnt have to pay a penny.
Multiple letters were sent between The Courts and myself, I had Proof the request was made within the 14 days but they were having none of it.
In the end i sent a letter of Complaint to the court manager explaining what had happened. This was signed for but i never received a reply.
This went on over 7 months. In the end to be honest i gave up.
I never heard from the solicitors about the CCJ, months went by, years went by and nothing from them.
4 years have gone by now and today ive got a letter telling my i havent paid them, i have 10 days to contact them 7 of which have passed as its taken that long for the letter to get to me.

If not they will consider enforcment action which could include:

"Warrant of control
Attachment of earnings
Charging Order on the property."

I have had a good run to be fair, as i said the others become Statute Barred soon and ive not been contacted in years. So these i should be able to finally get rid of them.
This one though i think im screwed.
I wondered if anyone had any advice on here?

One thing i do find strange is there is 1 CCJ on my credit report (£1400) from before i found GOODF. This one ive been speaking about isnt on my credit report anywhere? Which i find very strange.

Looking forward to any replies. Thanks in advance.

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Lost In Court Empty Re: Lost In Court

Post by daveiron on Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:23 pm

Just be aware & keep your head down regarding those nearing SB. there have been quite a few recently
where they are popping up again near the SB date.

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Lost In Court Empty Re: Lost In Court

Post by Jdawg1882 on Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:27 pm

@daveiron wrote:Just be aware & keep your head down regarding those nearing SB. there have been quite a few recently
where they are popping up again near the SB date.

Yeah ive been expecting them to surface soon.
Thanks for the reply.


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Lost In Court Empty Re: Lost In Court

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