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Creating Energy - Water

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Creating Energy - Water

Post by assassin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:08 pm

Most people perceive energy as the gas or electricity delivered to our homes and in many cases this is true, but what if you heat your home using a log burner? this energy changes from energy delivered to you by a corporate entity to you using your own physical energy to go out and collect wood, it may be pallets from work using a car and trailer, it may be you going out with the chainsaw to cut fallen trees or timber but the predominant energy changes from a corporate supplied energy to you using your physical energy and you have changed the balance of energy.

Yes you can argue you need fuel as energy to use your car, you can even apply the same ethos to petrol for your chainsaw as its equally valid, but the point remains that while you use a little fuel for both these items it is a very tiny amount of bought energy you are using compared to you using your physical energy, and it does not change the fact that the balance of energy has changed; and when you burn your wood it releases much more energy in the form of heat, and even heat and cooking if you have an Aga or similar system.

Physics dictates that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another form.

What is the Uk full of? we are surrounded by it and it drops from the sky and is free, WATER.

Water has so much stored energy that it is one of the most useful and potent forms of energy and is so underexploited in forms of supplying our energy requirements as all the financial support has gone to the corporations who have invested in the more lucrative solar markets as the markets were designed from the outset by Government to be a source of untapped taxpayers funded wealth for the corporations in the form of subsidies and tariffs, and the solar economics dont stack up and even the Government has admitted this, so why ignore water. Money is the answer.
If we look at water we see it weight 1Kg per litre, or 4.54 Kg per UK gallon in its static state, it is when its in its fluid state it becomes even more powerful as the movement of water is another form of energy in itself which can be tapped, so we know it can be used as weight in its static form and a kinetic energy in its fluid form, but it becomes so much more if we harness it in volume as it weighs 1 tonne per cubic metre by volume. If we give the fluid or moving state its correct title we have dynamics which essentially is the volume of water in cubic metres or litres multiplied by its speed of travel which massively increases its power potential or kinetic energy and it is this which we can exploit.

If we look at the sources of water in the Uk we see the normal rivers, canals, streams, and even springs; if we look a little deeper we see drainage water running off land, soughs from old mining operations, and even weirs on many rivers and canals across the UK and these are all forms of energy, if every weir in every river with a drop of 1 metre or higher was tapped for electricity generation we could supply demand for the UK electricity market many fold and leave considerable reserves for future increases in consumption. We could negate the fuels totally and get rid of all the coal, gas, and even nuclear power stations in the UK and most of the UK electricity generation facilities except those set up for hydro power generation.
If we add all the soughs from all the old mine workings and tap their drainage water we could add massively to that electricity generation, and then we have the dams, with UK dams holding back so much water by volume you only need a turbine in the large outlet pipes and with the force of all those millions of cubic metres of water the UK dams can also become a huge source of electricity generation.


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