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More Recent Advice From The Old Site

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More Recent Advice From The Old Site

Post by discodave4093 on Wed May 31, 2017 2:20 pm

Hi Folks
Did anyone else notice since the old site was taken over the advice of some of the once very helpful members seemed to change. I don't mean the new owners I mean actual members who had been there for years and some were mods. Maybe best not mention names though

As Pete already mentioned they turned totally against the billing and insisted it be removed from the letters

But here's the thing. They didn't seem to like us using the 3 letters at all and started advising everyone "IGNORE"

So basically no matter what anyone was asking advice on unless it was a court case all they were getting was "IGNORE IGNORE" which in my opinion was totally unhelpful

According to some of them you should just ignore unless they actually get serious about court action. Again very unhelpful as it could result in a court case that could of been avoided

They seemed to totally object to us using the 3 letters on debt collectors who are just agents (Fredrickson, Moorcroft etc) they say you should just ignore them. Again I disagree as I have found the letters very effective on such companies

Oh and they didn't like us using the bank letters either. Apparently we should ignore the OCs too

If like me you disagree with them then you simply wouldn't get any help from them as they were very "if you don't play our way we're not playing"

I tried explaining to them that "IGNORING" and hoping the DCA/OC would leave us alone is something many of us would of tried before we found the site and before we knew all the helpful information we know now so why would we go back to "IGNORING"

Personally I would never "IGNORE" anyone chasing me for money regardless of whether they are an original creditor, agent, or debt purchaser

After all they are all just as pesky as each other not to mention just as corrupt

Any thoughts on this more than welcome


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Re: More Recent Advice From The Old Site

Post by daveiron on Wed May 31, 2017 5:18 pm

Agreed,I got rid of all of them by replying .

I do not use templates ,but whilst i do ask those questions i also add some of my own which they sure as hell do not want to answer ,ie insurance claims etc .the more awkward questions you put their way and demand answers to ,the more likely of them going away in my experience.Its also much more fun.

Not so newb
Not so newb

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Re: More Recent Advice From The Old Site

Post by man on Wed May 31, 2017 10:18 pm

For any Noobies; replying to them with the first letter is conditional acceptance, which keeps you in honour. Being in honour is where you want to be. Ignoring them can be seen as dishonour and dishonour is where you don't want to be.


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Re: More Recent Advice From The Old Site

Post by petesomething on Wed May 31, 2017 10:44 pm

Many people live in fear of their letter box. When they find these websites and they start using the three letters, it give them hope.

But also they realize they are not the only ones who received letters from debt collectors.

We always state debt collectors are not enforcement, they are just people working in a office.

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