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More EU

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More EU

Post by assassin on Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:13 am

Many people hate the EU and with good reason, their agenda to take over Europe and take away the sovereignty of the people by back door methods, and many, many more things too numerous to mention.

Most of us are aware that every day a member of the EU signs in they receive 300 euros in cash which is undeclared and goes straight into their back pockets and this is over and above their huge salaries and massive expenses, but of course it gets worse; how many people are aware that any member of the EU can retire up to 5 years early and still maintain their salary and benefits for that 5 year period, now that is a benefit most people would like but could anyone imagine any private company letting someone retire 5 years early and pay their wages and benefits.

Worst of all is yet to come, if you look at Brussels and particularly around the EU buildings you will see massive numbers of plush offices have been built, but why and who are they for? let me tell you, its for the lobbyists working for the greatest multi-nationals, the large corporations, and the elite of society to buy off the elected members with their champagne receptions and the finest foods from around the world and that is their sole objective, and this is the second largest group of lobbyists in the world, only New York has a higher number.
How does it work? a fair question and one answered by a British MEP who blew the whistle on this behavior and was ignored by the British and other media; he was warned by a returning MEP that he would be seen as fresh meat and would receive lots of invitations from various organisations to these plush champagne receptions and that he should never attend on his own as it was the inroad to the lobbying group either paying him off for favours or beginning the campaign to blackmail him and use him for their agenda, and they would have records of every pay off he took from them. In most cases they would make a pay off where cameras could be covertly deployed for video evidence.

Said MEP played crafty and upon entering his office on his first day he had lots of invitations to numerous champagne receptions and sent a couple of his staff which he trusted and these organisations claiming to be lobbying organisations did everything and even sent cars to collect them, at these events they could get anything, and he meant anything, they would go as far as you wanted to go and this was anything from drugs to prostitutes, and even further if you had other tastes, but of course they were all covered by CCTV and covert surveillance.
He claimed they had lawyers, businessmen, lobbyists, and a number of front men and was offered everything from the usual prostitutes and drugs to luxury houses, financial investments in trusts and other institutions so no connection could be made back to them, and even luxury yachts for weekends and even weeks if required; you wanted it and they got it for you.

If you didn't play there game and be bought off they would hire some of the best surveillance companies and you would be followed and your every move would be captured, manipulated, and wherever possible it would be used aagainst you to force you to bend to their will and act for them in voting for their agenda.

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Re: More EU

Post by ceylon on Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:06 pm

i would say shocking but its what we have come to expect

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