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Dragging You Into Scams

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Dragging You Into Scams

Post by assassin on Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:05 am

This is a prime example of the title, and how we have to be so careful not to be dragged into corporate scams by people using suggestion and innuendo. In this case it was a friend and a number of details will obviously be omitted to protect his personal privacy.

Mate was admitted to hospital about two years ago as the result of an incident and was admitted to hospital as an emergency, as a result of this he had every test known to man done at his time of entry as he required surgery and the doctors needed to know what they were dealing with, which is apparently very normal. Over the last couple of years he has been a regular visitor which he knew he would be as a follow up to his surgeries and other conditions and injuries the hospital termed "incidental findings" which were apparently unrelated to his original entry conditions, but found when he had his original admissions CT scans and X rays, and he was fully scanned in a whole body scan, and over the last two years they have been repeated several times.

Now we need to bear two things in mind, right from his original admission he has been scanned and had numerous testing done from blood tests to urine tests, through to stool tests and everything inbetween; in addition I have been under the same hospital and when we have had similar visits on similar days we have had them rescheduled so we both went on the same day, at the same or similar times for the same thing, and both gone in one car. Often we would go in to see the same consultant at the same time as we would be seeing the same consultant about 20 minutes apart, and when they dropped him down to purely monitoring it all began.

His last consultants appointment was scheduled on the same day as mine although 20 minutes apart and we went in together and the consultant spoke to me first and said all is well, then he turned to my mate and said "according to your tests you show the possibility of developing diabetes in the future" and he asked if he had diabetes or not, the consultant turned round to him and told him he didn't have diabetes and one test (out of hundreds done over two years) meant nothing and all his other tests would have picked it up, but hadn't, so he wasn't concerned.
At that point my mate asked what it meant and was assured that he didn't have diabetes and that at that stage it was delaying or prevention and it only required him to undertake slightly more exercise and change his diet slightly, and nothing more. I actually recorded the conversation so it is irrefutible.

Several weeks later he has a letter from the hospital which was a copy of the letter sent to his GP and he rang me up and was fuming, according to this letter the consultant was telling his GP that he had diabetes and to make an appointment with him and start him on medication, then increase the dosage.

We both had scans booked for the same day, at the same time, mine was an ultrasound and his was a CT scan, same day, same time, same department, so I went to pick him up and off we would go to the hospital, as I picked him up he received a phone call from his GP surgery concerning HIS DIABETES and they wanted to make him an appointment to see his GP, at this point he was incensed as the consultant told him he didn't have diabetes and only needed a slight change in lifestyle, so how had it changed from him NOT having diabetes and making a slight lifestyle change to him suddenly having diabetes and needing medication.

He got into a right humdinger with the doctors receptionist and raised all these issues, then hit her with the killer blow. We had looked up this medication online and it is to PREVENT people from getting diabetes, and asked why the doctor who told him he didn't have diabetes was saying now he did have diabetes, and why the same doctor wanted him to start on medication designed to prevent diabetes if he already had the condition.

Here is the scam, you dont have a condition and suddenly they change their minds to start you on medication for the rest of your life.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a nearly new tractor for peanuts and our local AGCO dealer lives near me and agreed to collect it on their lorry on a return trip, last Saturday they delivered a lorry load of tractors and collected some, they returned on the Sunday morning and collected my tractor on the way and dropped it off in their workshop and serviced it, fortunately it is harvesting time and their staff are on 7 day working, fortunately for me. I collected my new tractor around Sunday dinnertime I went into my woods to try it out, another mate owns another farm and some of his land borders my woods and I put her to work to get used to her.
He employs one employee whom I know, and he spoke about diabetes and told me exactly the same story, he had been to hospital with an arm injury and was told he didn;t have diabetes, and his GP phoned him and told him he had, then told me of seven more people who had exactly the same thing, and he phoned them and put his phone on speaker so I could speak to them and hear their responses.

Clearly this is a scam to get people onto medication they neither want or need, and people need warning of this, and how NOT to become embroiled into this scam.

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Re: Dragging You Into Scams

Post by jockenglish on Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:25 pm

The NHS tries a similar scam with Statins

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Re: Dragging You Into Scams

Post by Lopsum on Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:03 pm

yes this is going to be the case more and more now the nhs is almost privatised fully, doctors on 40%or more incentive from pill sellers , its perfect for this sort of scam.

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Re: Dragging You Into Scams

Post by badvoc on Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:14 pm

assassin , mate i'm so glad you said this , as when i've said it to family an friend i get the one'd pirate look from them , but hey they don't know s**t , they still cann't figure out what i did 10 years ago , they NHS give you breathing problem's with the s**t they give you , cancer yep thats right , heart attack , flesh-eating bacteria checkout Dr William Mount , 911 responder's  not many left most died of cencer , the s**t list is end less .

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Re: Dragging You Into Scams

Post by actinglikeabanker's Ghost on Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:57 am

@StrangerInAStrangeLand wrote:This is why you should never use the NHS.  There is plenty of info online to cure yourself using herbs and natural medicines  

No it isn't, people are free to explore any option they chose.

Whilst taking a negative opinion towards the NHS through community negative association, this does not! cover all interactions with the NHS. There are tests that the NHS can provide that you possibly do not have the ability to perform.

I personally would suggest taking the test, get the 'official' form then proceed how you wish to, either main stream or alternative. Please don't throw an option out the window through negative association.

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Re: Dragging You Into Scams

Post by assassin on Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:47 am

@StrangerInAStrangeLand wrote:This is why you should never use the NHS.  There is plenty of info online to cure yourself using herbs and natural medicines  

Mate never had a choice, he was rushed into hospital by ambulance.

No it isn't, people are free to explore any option they chose.

Yes they are, but under these circumstances he didn't know he had these "incidental conditions" so couldn't treat them. His interactions with the NHS were very good, as was his emergency treatment, so I fully support your view ALAB, since this incident he has taken an alternative opinion based upon facts and is using alternative options to deal with conditions he now knows about.

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Re: Dragging You Into Scams

Post by assassin on Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:54 am

@jockenglish wrote:The NHS tries a similar scam with Statins

Indeed they did Jock, this was only one of a few things which made the news, they do much the same with many things which never make headline news.

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Re: Dragging You Into Scams

Post by Sponsored content

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