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Post by assassin on Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:57 pm

Who are these busybodies and why do they do it? what makes so many people think they have some right to poke their noses into other peoples business and report them for things they may or may not have done, and why do these busybodies work on an assumption that their assumption is always right, lets look at a few examples coming to light this week.

Police have said you cannot sunbathe naked in your garden even though there is no law against it, or even walking around naked, so why have they said this, and that they will act against anyone sunbathing naked on their own property. Acting against someone means the po-lice bringing a prosecution and it is how they bring this prosecution which is interesting as they claim they will bring a prosecution on different charges. Po-lice claim they will bring charges under Causing Harassment and Offence, so how can they do this? In this country (UK) you have to KNOWINGLY cause harassment and offence, so why are the po-lice assuming you know you will be causing harassment and offence.
Key words here are KNOWINGLY and HARASSMENT and they have to prove you did this deliberately, so the po-lice cannot charge you for something and automatically make an assumption, enter the legal and lawful maxim non assumpsit.

In another media story it appears that some businesses are offering incentives to attract new customers, some are offering a FREE glass of bubbly to new customers and in this case hairdressers were cited, once again the po-lice have said a case has been successfully bought against a hairdresser giving away a glass of bubbly (note the word FREE has suddenly disappeared) to new customers, so is this illegal? in a word NO.
Police have said that they MAY bring charges under legislation about serving alcohol and again this is a play on words, if you give something away such as alcohol you are not serving it, how many of us have a past and have been in pubs after hours, drinking? in these cases anyone can stay after hours as long as no cash or payment is passing the bar and going into the till, so the focus is on payment using cash or other accepted methods. Under current legislation you can only be classed as serving alcohol if someone pays for it at the time of ordering it, pubs used to get around this by taking payment before or after closing time. Basically someone would pre pay for beer or other alcoholic drink before closing time and after closing time they would simply have their beer without paying for it, perfectly legally.

So what is illegal about a business offering a FREE glass of alcoholic drink to a new customer, actually nothing, but the po-lice are going to invent charges under other legislation and hope you fall for it. If a business offers a free Starbucks coffee, or a free Greggs pasty, or even a free Subway sandwich are businesses going to be prosecuted under food hygeine regulations.

This final one is an absolute humdinger, I believe it was in Derby where a disabled pensioner had a mobility scooter and has a small trailer on the back into which he put his shopping, someone had actually taken a picture of him and sent it to a newspaper with the question "is this legal" which really made me think. What sort of people do this and more importantly why do they think they have some right to poke their noses into other peoples business, and what do they get out of it themselves. In law there is nothing about towing a trailer with a motability scooter so why didn't they look it up for themselves, why did they ask the question "is this illegal" and what did they hope to gain from it as clearly there was an underlying motive. There is legislation about the three main sizes of motability scooters and maximum speeds when operating them on the pavement, towing, NO there is no legislation.
In this case a po-lice spokesman said they would investigate - investigate what? there is no legislation in place, hence nothing to investigate.

Why do people think they have an automatic right to poke their noses into other peoples business and sit in judgement on them, why are the po-lice saying they will investigate a matter which doesn't exist, and why are po-lice using different legislation to try to bring a successful prosecution against people who aren't breaking the law, and where are these po-lice even coming from consdering they are all shouting underfunding, under resourcing, and we don't have enough po-lice. Try getting a po-lice response if you have been the victim of a legitimate crime such as having your house broken into, or your car vandalised and you will be lucky to see the po-lice, at best in most cases you will be given a crime number.

This raises the simple question, are we breeding a generation of nimbys who will willingly poke their noses into other peoples business based upon their own opinions and standards (or lack of) and why are such people undertaking such activities and turning the nation into a population of grasses, of course the po-lice and other perceived authorities are loving it as they can produce figures saying how good they are, and of course generating a lot of revenue in the process as well as making a lot of innocent people into criminals.

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Re: Busybodies

Post by jockenglish on Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:58 pm

The word Nazis comes to mind parents fought to stop them taking over our country......unfortunately they are sneaking in by other methods, and people really need to wake up to this and put a stop to it before it is too late.

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Re: Busybodies

Post by Phillpots on Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:15 pm

Thanks for the post assissin. My wife will not be pleased when I tell her about no more sunbathing in the you know what. Laughing

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Re: Busybodies

Post by assassin on Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:54 am

Jock, history tells us the Nazis claimed the Fourth Reich would last a thousand years, history also shows us the EU is running the Fourth Reich agenda.

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Re: Busybodies

Post by assassin on Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:55 am

Phillpots, I had to stop sunbathing in the nude as a few passers by felt a little underwhelmed, and several women thought they were being short changed.

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Re: Busybodies

Post by Sponsored content

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