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Aztec farming, The Chinampa System

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Aztec farming, The Chinampa System

Post by actinglikeabanker on Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:53 pm

Aztec farming

Aztec farming has become most famous because of the brilliant chinampas system that Aztec farmers used.  Certainly there were a number of techniques used in the Aztec empire.  But with the great city of Tenochtitlan built on swampy but rich ground, the chinampas became key to the food production of the people.

Chinampas were, of course, not just used for the capitol city, but throughout the Valley of Mexico around the lake bed.   As the empire grew, more sources of food were required.  At times this meant conquering more land, other times it meant expanding the chinampa system.

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Re: Aztec farming, The Chinampa System

Post by assassin on Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:15 am

ALAB gets arrested on Windemere for growing food on rafts in the water.

Sorry, it was an immediate headline thought which sprang to mind, all it is, is another floating container system dating back centuries, but is a great system or variant of a system depending on your view, its simple and effective and watering it is easy. Good idea.

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Re: Aztec farming, The Chinampa System

Post by actinglikeabanker on Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:19 am


I agree it is a simple but effective method of growing. Potentially on a huge 'sustainable' (in the context of working with nature and not the negative connotations associated with the word today in agendas, 'they' just have to spoil everything, including words Crying or Very sad ) scale.

Initially, a number of years ago when I got into aquaponics I ended up coming across the chinampas system after digging through the bs following claims from people that 'they' invented aquaponics and the only way to discover the secrets of aquaponics was to buy their book/course etc.

Well, as with most of these reinventions of history for personal gain it became pretty apparent that aquaponics, is essentially (don't think the Aztec's had IBC containers though  Laughing ) the chinampas system which is just a huge aquaponics system.

If the so called SHTF and I needed to get out of dodge I would construct something similar that could tow (if needed) behind a kayak, there are loads and loads of locations on most, if not all rivers that can only be accessed from the water. I remember many moons ago, a lady I used to work for went kayaking and discovered a grow that had been abandoned, forgotten about or maybe it was an experiment and they described the plants as looking like small trees around 6ft tall, this was only possible as there was no possible access to that small area without a boat.

I suppose even from a non SHTF perspective if growing space is a limiting factor for someone then small versions of these beds could be made using materials available along river banks and blended in to the bank pretty easily and they could just go for some exercise once a month and bring back a small harvest of greens, of course this is a oversimplification of how rivers work and possibly suggests a 'static' nature which is not the case. That said though, if someone were to locate a secluded spot there is nothing to say you could not sow some root crops as this soil is usually pretty fertile with readily available nutrients also, presuming it isn't/ hasn't been polluted/contaminated by some industrial process or other.

Maybe when I run out of space in the garden you will see me in the headlines for non payment of fines for, parking my kayak without a residents permit  Smile,

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Re: Aztec farming, The Chinampa System

Post by Sponsored content

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