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Post by assassin on Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:59 pm

With many people planting a large proportion of their crops or garden plants, I thought it may be prudent to remind people of the bees; we alll need bees to pollinate plants and due to their declining numbers it is a simple task to attract them to our gardens and allow them to build their colonies numbers back up.

Bees, unlike wasps, are nosey creatures and will often fly around you and simply watch you, and if you don't bother them they wont bother you, its when people go crazy and try wafting them away that they feel under attack and sting as a defence mechanism so ask yourself; if someone many times your size started trying to hit you, would you try to defend yourself?

In reality its very simple to attract bees and for a smaller plot or garden all you need are a couple of patches of bee friendly plants and these can be something as simple as a bucket filled with compost with bee friendly plants planted in them, or even a hanging or wall basket filled with bee friendly plants, it is handy if you have two patches of bee friendly plants as due to the inquisitive nature of bees so they find one and look for the other and they investigate, and pollinate all the plants inbetween them.

For a larger garden it is prudent to plant a variety of bee friendly plants as a permanent bed or two, if you have a large lawn digging a bed out is ideal as contrary to popular belief bees actually land on them and sunbathe in the midday sun, and if you can plant a variety of bee friendly plants around your garden; or incorporate a number of bee friendly plants in your flower beds they will become a permanent fixture in your garden and pollinate everything much more successfully.

For allotments or similar you can plant a few buckets of bee friendly plants and move them around your plot and place them where you have space in your plot and move them regularly to ground not covered with crops so the bees search for them and fly across your crops and pollinate them.

Remember, bees are not aggressive unlike wasps, dont threaten or attack them and they will leave you alone and continue with their good work.

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Re: Bees

Post by Lopsum on Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:28 pm

I spread cornflower and wild flower seeds in unused spaces on the allotment, last year we saw most bees when the fruit trees were in blossom.
There is a definite decline in my lifetime and it seems that weedkillers and pesticides are to blame.
 The bloke 3 allotments up from me used to keep a few hives on my plot years ago , his son keeps them now and he has offered to take us over to see them , we might even take on a hive at some point .
 There will be alot to learn before we take on a managed hive , i thought id start with making a "wild" hive and seeing if we can attract a swarm though its hit and miss especially when numbers are so low.
 The bloke said his honey was very good when on my plot because behind us is the edge of a wood  and hundreds of Hawthorn trees which lent the honey a deep flavour.

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Re: Bees

Post by assassin on Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:59 pm

We spread wild flower seeds on my mates land which he uses for straw and silage for his animal feed as he is a cattle farmer. with so much acreage and remaining untouched except for muck spreading it grows a multitude of wild flowers which when cut, goes into his bales of both straw and silage and his cattle love it.

Once established, many of these seeds regenerate themselves year uopn year and where they are in hedge bottoms they often grow into the hedges and also attract bees and his hedges are brilliant due to the bees pollinating the hawthorn.

He has a host of other wildlife and some of his dragonflies and mayflies are superb and have increased massively.

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