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The Current Pharmaceuticals Scam

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The Current Pharmaceuticals Scam

Post by assassin on Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:14 am

Having finally finished my research I can post the findings and it is quite alarming.

In many instances people are taken to hospital as emergency cases by ambulance OR the police and have had genuine injuries and treatment, in other instances people are being phoned by their doctors surgery and being offered appointments to see a doctor about conditions they know nothing about for conditions they dont have, and the scam appears to work thus:

When you attend Hospital with a genuine injury your hospital sends notes to your GP and he/she/practice stores them.
OR - your doctors phone you to attend a well man or well woman clinic and tell you they are doing this because of your age, usually at 55 or 60 years of age and they will give you a thorough medical and suggest ways of making you healthier.

They suggeat and infer you MAY have a medical condition you know nothing about but never state that you have a specific condition in most cases and in a smaller number they actually state you have a medical condition which you dont actually have.

In the worst case I have seen a good friend received such a call about his heart attack he recently had and they confirmed his details to verify him, they claimed they had his hospital notes and he had just spent three weeks in hospital and just been released, now call me stupid but my mate would surely have known if he had a heart attack and was hospitalised for three weeks, even worse was the fact he had taken his new caravan out for two weeks to try it out, and for two of the remaining days he was with me.

These calls are scam calls to use fear against you and in EVERY case I have researched (over 100) and they always claim you are at risk of something, my research showed diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes to be the most common of all the ailments they use. They always claim by suggestion and insinuation and not fact, in my case it was all of the above I MAY be at risk of.

Analyse the wordings they use, "you may be at risk of" or "our records suggest" or "current medical research shows" and even "specialists at the hospital have found ***** and based upon our knowledge". Now analyse the wording and context.

May be, or may not be; our records suggest, or we are using our records to railroad you and are trying to sound sincere and hope you believe us; or specialists at the hospital have found, in nearly all the cases I looked into, finding the one thing they did find means nothing on its own as in most cases needed further investigation fo find a specific ailment so one test is worthless; or my favourite, based upon our knowledge, so what is your knowledge as a GP and are you claiming to know more that a specialist.

In each and every case they were offered medication for conditions they didn't have or medication to prevent something they may or may not get in the future and the common denominator was they were all offered medication, in many cases doctors would word this in a specific way and the most common was "we will start you on **** immediately" and straight away they are telling and not asking, in other cases they suggest you take some form of medication.

One particular case was a good friend going to hospital and I was actually with him, his specialist said he had an indicator that he may possibly get diabetes in the future and told him it wasn't serious as this was only one indicator and at the very worst it meant slightly more exercise and a small change in his diet, and to fully diagnose it meant more tests and in his previous tests he had none of the other indicators required to suggest he had diabetes. Several weeks later his surgery rang him and he had enough nouse to record the conversation and they started by telling him they were calling him about HIS diabetes and they wanted to speak to him about medication to prevent it.

How many noticed the disparity here, a specialist tells him he doesn't have diabetes and MAY be at risk of getting it in the future; a GP surgery rings him up and tells him he DOES HAVE diabetes, and then offers him medication to PREVENT him getting diabetes which according to them he already has.

If anyone gets any such calls from their GP's surgery then listen carefully and ask them direct questions with a yes or no answer and dont let them off the hook as we now know their agenda is to get as many people onto medication they dont need, for conditions they dont have, and if you look at any of these medications they often have severe side effects.

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Re: The Current Pharmaceuticals Scam

Post by iamani on Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:41 am

Hi assassin

Thanks for the warning, so the dr's are now being told by their masters to push harder? Hard for any gp to deny he's just a glorified drug-dealer now.


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Re: The Current Pharmaceuticals Scam

Post by badvoc on Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:54 am

great post assassin , one thing they also do is put you infront of 3 consultants telling you , you have to have this operation etc etc , " trying the power of 3 bul...t on you " best way to deal with this tack-tick is deflection , if i had have listened to them they would have made me more disabled , i have seen lots of people screwed up an killed by these people , an when you try to do something about it they all close ranks all of them ,


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