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The Great Diesel Scam

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The Great Diesel Scam

Post by assassin on Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:38 pm

Its all over the news currently, and that is the sudden change against diesel cars in yet another Government policy to change tactics and villify diesel car owners and to allow others the opportunity to exploit diesel cars for profit.

Under EU legislation we are supposed to have air quality legislation and this EU legislation was introduced and ratified into UK law as nearly all our legislation is now made in Europe, and this sets pollution levels on all roads in the UK and supposedly the UK are bound by them. In a recent case it was determined that the UK should comply even though nearly all other EU member states Governments generally ignore them and get away with it, so what did the UK do?

Successive UK governments also ignored them and colluded with councils and local authorities to begin a succession of measures solely designed to create traffic congestion and deliberately cause mayhem for the motorist to try to force them onto buses and trams which the government wanted people to use due to "alternative transport systems" being heavily subsidised by the government (aka the taxpayer) to encourage people to use these alternatives, and so it began.

Firstly it was the speed hump which by its very nature was an obstruction in the road and it blatently contradicted legislation which made it an offence to "obstruct the highway" and this legislation was conveniently ignored by all the alleged authorities and councils were allowed to spend our money to obstruct us; and despite policies governing their use, speed humps were allowed to be installed in many dangerous places and still people fell for their rhetoric and didn't oppose them. In reality speed humps were another tax and even more breaches of EU and UK legislation as they forced constantly moving traffic to embark on a strategy of constant stop/start as people slowed down as they approached and crossed them and accelerated away from them, and average speeds dropped and emissions levels rose alarmingly; as a result of this car ownership costs rose and car owners footed the bill. What it did do was severely decrease the life of the vehicle brakes, steering and suspension components and vehicles operating predominantly in speed humped areas saw a massive rise in maintenance costs, and a huge rise in defective vehicles due to the damage these speed humps were doing, so another stealth tax on the motorist.
Environmentally it failed and was a deliberate attack on the motorist and a clear attempt to deflect the blame onto them; when a vehicle slows down its emissions rise, similarly when a vehicle accelerates its emissions rise as every engine has something called a "stoichometric ratio" which is the optimum ratio of air to fuel the engine needs to run efficiently and is 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel, when you deccelerate this ratio changes as the engine brakes the vehicle and when you accelerate it needs more fuel in the same air to increase speed. By constantly changing these air/fuel ratios you get pollutants and the constant slowing and accelerating in a speed humped area causes a massive rise in pollutants; in addition a vehicle moving at a constant speed causes a pumping effect in which it pushes the air around it both sideways and upwards and this is proportional to shape and speed, more aerodynamicly efficient cars displace less air around them at a given speed but they still displace air and this acts like a giant fan in moving and diluting airbourne pollutants.

In addition to this there was positive discrimination to disabled people as such speed humps clearly damaged disabled people travelling over them at even slow speeds, so disability legislation was being ignored, as were disabled people; it got worse as many emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines had massively increased response times meaning more people died as a result of slower reacting ambulance times and many more actually suffered additional injuries while travelling in ambulances; and fires which would normally be caught and extinquished were taking hold and reeking havoc in an area, leading to the deliberate destruction of property.

Things got worse as speed humps were reeking havoc as they were being installed in corners and on hills and despite reassurances from authorities the roads were not kept clear and in icy or snowy conditions many drivers could not see speed humps and lost control on them and carrered off in various directions including hitting other parked cars and even flying onto pavements and hitting pedestrians and causing deaths and serious injuries unnecessarily.

Things moved on and the beginnings of the mass potholes were emerging and instead of maintaining the roads the local authorities were installing speed humps, despite this only local protests occured as necessary maintenance measures were being ignored and unnecessary speed humps were being installed.

Next in the armoury was the changing of traffic lights by altering their "phasing" so that perfectly well organised traffic light controlled junctions which were never ever a problem suddenly became problematic, instead of the free flow of traffic people were used too they suddenly found that often a series of traffic lights were rephased and traffic jams were the result, and of course slowing and accelerating traffic means pollution and slow moving traffic means little to no pumping effect so the pollution isn't being dispersed and sits close to the ground until the wind blows it away. Phasing and rephasing of traffic lights to deliberately cause congestion still goes on today.

We move on again and next we had the abundance of paint by the councils and they deliberately broke up serviceable roads by painting mini islands in them and breaking up free flowing traffic to create a stop start situation on these roads and this was swiftly followed by concrete dome type islands when the painted items were being ignored and simply driven over and then we had the beginnings of road narrowing when conventional islands were having lines painted around them to dissuade people from driving on the markings and effectively narrowing the lanes around a conventional island. What was the result of this? of course it was money and more stealth taxes as more accidents occured which meant more cars being repaired using insurance claims, this meant more work and profits for vehicle bodyshops which means more taxation income for government, and it means more cars than ever were being written off and had to be replaced so more people were taking their insurance payouts and replacing their vehicles.
Things moved on again and another tentacle to their plan emerged and this was accident figures; accident figures are generally a set of meaningless statistics which uses accident rates along sections of roads to determine if work needs to be done and many councils were caught out manipulating these accident statistics as they were often incorporating accident statistics from other roads into a specific stretch of road so they could implement change and use fraudulent figures to legitimise their efforts to manipulate the environmental and safety agenda. Suddenly all this surplus paint came out again and dual carriageways were painted out to single lane carriageways to create more congestion and accidents and they had a seeming answer to any critics of their pre-planned schemes citing the environment and safety and Joe Public still bought it and swallowed it wholesale, yet all the time it is diverting more funding (aka taxpayers money) into schemes and problems they had created themselves.

Things moved on again with the success of road narrowing and many more roads were narrowed and suddenly larger roads such as dual carriageways suddenly found their islands with other major roads such as other dual carriageways and motorways were being narrowed where what was a two lane island suddenly became a three lane island and three lanes occupied the same road space as the former two lanes and to a degree it appeared legitimate if, as like most road users, you drove a car. If you were driving a larger vehicle such as larger lorries or artics you simply couldn't get round the island in one lane and you had to use two lanes and this caused even more accidents as cars tried to force their way around lorries which were about to encroach into two lanes, so even more accidents, repairs, and taxation for the government. More road narrowing occured and suddenly the parking bay emerged, initially it was the disabled parking bays to cause the least backlash from the public and to gain acceptance of them from the public and they were extended to give residents parking bays and narrow a road further and create congestion and obstructions to visibility, and of course to create more accidents.

Once these measures were introduced we got even more road profiling and suddenly they introduced kerbs which jutted out into the road at either end of these new parking bays to make a permanent feature of them and to make it harder and more expensive to reinstate a road back to its former self, and dont forget this was done over a period of time to spread out the costs, and to a concerted and deliberate plan so they could do a little at a time to upset as few people as they could to prevent a PR backlash.
Suddenly road reprofiling began happening everywhere and mini islands were a prime target as were parking bays for residents which of course introduced residents permits so residents who could and would be silly enough to pay suddenly demanded them for their properties which played nicely into the hands of the councils who simply said "due to residents demands" and "overwhelming support for such schemes" gave them a PR coup and they couldn't be blamed for engineering these situations which they did engineer themselves for more revenue from idiots.

What has this got to do with diesel cars? I think it has clearly shown that a long term strategy of creating pollution is underway and has been for some time and diesel cars are merely the next step in villifying the motorist in their agenda to villify a section of the motoring public to line them up for blame, and stupidly the public will just lie down and take it and let them who we elect do what they like without consent from us, or even asking us. This is in addition to a clear agenda to limit or restrict people and their ability and freedom to travel where and when they like, another form of control if you like.

Environmental agendas are about revenue and nothing else, it is about taxing (fleecing) even more from the motorist as they know the majority will just roll over and pay up, company car drivers will have companies who will simply pay up and add this additional cost to their goods and services and Joe public will simply pay up, so what are the implications? in reality it will hit everyone and everyone will pay, making the poorest even poorer and the richest not giving a damn, and like many agendas it is a multi faceted approach.
Councils and governments have deliberately engineered this situation and the EU decided to tax vehicles on their CO2 emissions for one reason only, REVENUE, AND IT WAS THE CHEAPEST AND EASIEST SCHEME TO IMPLEMENT WITH MINIMAL OUTLAY WITH MAXIMUM FINANCIAL RETURNS and this was the only reason CO2 was chosen.

Successive governments have given financial incentives to diesel engined cars for many years and manufacturers have responded by making cleaner and cleaner engines so where is the money angle? right off the bat diesel engined vehicles were hit with a 3% surcharge over petrol engines so where is the issue? around town and for short journeys petrol engines are a clear winner as petrol engined cars are cheaper to build and the additional cost of a diesel engined variant of such vehicles may never recoup their cost as it takes years to recoup this price difference. For company car drivers such as myself who cover excessive mileages, and commercial vehicles such as vans and lorries who also cover excessive mileages diesel is the only economically viable option and other vehicles such as real 4X4's also benefit from diesel engines as their low power and high torque suit them for maximum fuel efficiency and cost.
What about town centre pollution? another good question which has already been answered above as this has been engineered using a multi-faceted approach as councils have deliberately created them and they are in place and the obvious money angle comes comes from charging a vehicle which has paid its road tax or VED again, more double dipping if you like, so where is the catch? every town or city centre relies on goods and services provided by diesel engined vehicles such as cars, vans, and lorries to deliver them to the numerous businesses located in town centres. Your food is delivered to town centre shops using commercial vehicles, your local butcher and baker used raw ingredients to make and produce products in town centres, and the numerous offices employ people who have to get into town centres, this is alongside those of us who manage the large building and infrastructure changes in town centres and who have to use cars to get their and carry all the equipment to do so safely and comply with the law. Is the money angle emerging yet.
Now we have proposals to put an additional charge onto diesel engined vehicles entering town centres to raise more revenue and this impacts everyone with a diesel vehicle living in a town centre and affects the prices we pay for everything, we have a leaking radiator and our plumber adds this to his bill, we have our house roof repaired and our roofer adds this to his bill, and if we have an extension built, our builder ads several days of this additional cost to his bill.

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Re: The Great Diesel Scam

Post by daveiron on Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:58 pm

Of course not forgetting bus lanes = lanes paid for by the public for the sole use private companies.


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Re: The Great Diesel Scam

Post by assassin on Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:59 pm

And those bus lanes installed on motorways so one third of its capacity is diminished to create even more congestion and more fines.

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Re: The Great Diesel Scam

Post by handle on Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:44 pm

One reason is to clobber drivers is to dissuade one from driving which is causing congestion. Parkinson's law applies in that no matter how many roads you build, cars will fill the available space. So if you want to drive, prepare to pay through the nose for the privilege.
I see driving like a computer game- spot and avoid the obstacles like cameras, don't hold a phone, Ramps and restrictions, bad drivers, road works, centre lanes, jams.
The aim of the game is to avoid all these. Points maketh prizes not.
The idea is to stay at level 1. There is no level 2 only a -1 (lose the license)

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Re: The Great Diesel Scam

Post by LionsShare on Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:42 pm

The ONLY reason congestion exists is because loads of people have to be in the same place at the same time! Am sure if all could avoid then all would!
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Re: The Great Diesel Scam

Post by assassin on Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:07 am

Interesting thought, like those who all have to be at school at 7.50am and park in reception, all those workers starting at 6.00, 7.00, 8.00, and 9.00am in offices and shops.

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Re: The Great Diesel Scam

Post by 1saberwow on Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:20 pm

Merging traffic at certain times can cause congestion as motorists do not know how to merge and this causes problems back up as it slows the flow of traffic. The cause could be from driving instructors as they do not teach people how to merge without causing another motorist to slow down and this causes a chain reaction. It can have a life of its own as the chain reaction keeps going and it will move backwards but never forward.

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Re: The Great Diesel Scam

Post by Tom Bombadil on Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:27 pm

The agenda 21's need for 'limited living' ie keeping it local, has its merits! Dont shoot!

I have been telling my kids to live and play local all of their lives. Work local or stay at home and work from there! I am not advocating the agenda 21's ideals here, but there IS something in saving money and time by not having to commute!

Of course though, my eldest now lives in Greenwich somewhere...but works local to there

Tom Bombadil
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Re: The Great Diesel Scam

Post by assassin on Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:50 am

Tom, its a nice theory but local in an international world does not work, basic commodities such as food are a worldwide business and our food is imported from all around the world, so while fine in theory local does not work unfortunately.

Commuting is a way of life for many of us, only today I have had to visit Leicester, Preston, Blackpool, and Manchester, just to do my job and conform to the various legislation which applies to my employer, how does that work with local. In many areas local does not work and we have to bid for contracts nationally as local work does not even cover our operational costs and we have to go where the work is, irrespective of our location.

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Re: The Great Diesel Scam

Post by Sponsored content

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