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Preserve Your Fruit

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Preserve Your Fruit Empty Preserve Your Fruit

Post by assassin on Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:18 am

Many people grow their own soft fruit while many other people go ond wild harvest fruits such as blackberries which grow wild, but why preserve your fruit.

Many fruits have a longer growing season and a very rapid cropping season which means you have an abundance of fruit for a very short time and many people give it away as they don't know how to store fruit by preserving it so they can have fruits out of season, and with none of the chemical preservatives mass production techniques use, and without the excessive amounts of processed sugars that canners of fruit use, and you can freeze or bottle most fruits.

With fruit you begin by picking the best fruits at their peak of perfection and dont worry if you are picking fruit in smaller amounts as you can preserve both large and small amounts with a little thought and prep work. Preserving is best done as soon as the fruit is picked and if you leave fruit for several hours before preserving it deteriorates, so freshness is the key here so you remove any stalks or stems which have been missed.

We will only concentrate on two preservation methods which will be freezing and bottling using glass jars, we will not be canning fruit as the cans themselves leach out toxins into the food products and their affects are well documented.

Pre-Prepare - for freezing you use a metal tray for freezing and you put this into the freezer to cool down before you pick your fruits, and for bottling you clean and sterilise sufficient bottles by washing them and their lids and sterilise by using a mixture of soduim metabisulphate which is bought in powder form, and citric acid which can be bought dry or you can squeeze the juice of a lemon or similar into your mixture which is only dissolving the powdered sodium metabisulphte into water and adding the fruit juice and stirring to dissolve it, and immersing all the glass containers and their lids into the solution to thoroughly coat them and we let them air dry, and never rinse the solution after immersing them in the solution.

For bottling and washing of fruit you need a quantity of fresh or clean water and this can be distilled water if you have a distiller, or plain tap water if you have a water filter as you pass tap water through the water filter once, and then put the filtered water back through the filter for a second time and store the water in the fridge as the cooler the washing water is, the better. Save a quantity of this water to make your bottling syrup if you are bottling your fruit. If you are bottling fruit then put a sufficient quantity of glass jars and their lids into the coldest part of the fridge, the night before picking, and do not put the lids onto the jars as the contraction of them cooling can crack or smash them.

Both Methods - pick your fruit and take it to your kitchen immediately and place it into a bowl or sink with some of the prepared and cooled water in it, gently agitate the water by swirling it sufficiently enough to clean your fruit without damaging or bruising it and leave in this cleaning water for at least 3 minutes; remove the fruit and place it on some absorbant paper to dry all the ater from it and roll the paper gently so all the fruit comes into contact with the paper and dries off as much water as possible.

For Freezing - take your cold tray from the freezer and place the washed and dried fruits onto the tray without any of them touching, discard and damaged fruits and eat them, place this tray into the freezer until they are frozen, and it really is that simple. Once the fruit is frozen you remove them from the tray and place them into containers which are marked with the date of freezing and the types of fruit you have frozen, or portion the fruit out into portion sizes and put them into sealable food bags and remove all of the air and seal.

For Bottling - put your washed and dried fruit into glass jars which are labelled with the date of bottling and cooled, fill the jars to the top with the fresh fruit until they are nearly full, use a quantity of your prepared water to make the syrup by bringing it to the boil in a saucepan and adding sugar to it and stir it until the sugar is dissolved, only use a brown or unprocessed sugar or even honey instead of sugar if you prefer. Let the syrup cool slightly and fill the jars to nearly full and shake gently so all the voids in the fruit are filled, fill right to the top and put the lids on immediately and stand in the cold washing water to fully cool them, and as they cool they will create their own vacuum.

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Preserve Your Fruit Empty Re: Preserve Your Fruit

Post by Elizabeth1987 on Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:41 am

I prefer freezing above any other method, but that's just personal.

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Preserve Your Fruit Empty Re: Preserve Your Fruit

Post by assassin on Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:58 am

Freezing is fine bot it relies on the capability to freeze and some people dont always have that option, so both were covered.

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Preserve Your Fruit Empty Re: Preserve Your Fruit

Post by Sponsored content

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