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Do It In Writing

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Do It In Writing Empty Do It In Writing

Post by assassin on Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:42 am

Many newcomers to the site will see the more experienced among us always saying "do it in writing" as this is for good reason.

Many people send an E-mail or telephone companies and this is the wrong thing to do as it creates another barrier or obstacle for them to put in your way.

Courts only deal in original documentation or certified copies of original documents because they cannot deal with any other documents as they may be fakes or their authenticity may be in doubt and this is why real courts and other industries such as those working to contracts only use the post or facsimile (fax) to send and receive documentation and this is for good reason. If you have an original document and you send it by post then the recipient receives only the original document, similarly, if you fax a document then the sender has the original document and the recipient only receives a copy of the original document which is not tampered with, and if their is any dispute then the sender and recipient can compare the document sent to that of the document recieved so basically the recieved copy is classed as a certified copy.

If you ring a company then it goes to a call centre or company staff trained in dealing with customers and often in the art of stonewalling or blagging the customer and cutting it off at the pass, so why are these not accepted? because they are classed as "hearsay evidence" and no court accepts hearsay evidence, only evidence from first hand witnesses to an event.
If you ring a company then what records do you have? is this a true copy of what was said? and is this really evidence, actually not.
If you have the time and date of the call and this is confirmed by a telephone company account such as itemised bill it proves you made the call to the company ABC and it will show the duration of the call, but if you spoke to Dillys and you recorded this in writing the company can simply claim they didn't have anyone called Dillys working in that department and they have undermined your claims by casting doubt on them from the outset. Why do you think bailiffs and other scum and pond life always ring you and not write to you? said bailiff or thieving scum can make any claims they like and its their word against yours with no tangiable proof either way, and remember the phrase "beyond reasonable doubt".

E-mails are a different proposition for many reasons and these are easily explained, if you send an E-mail then you cannot prove which human being sent it, you can prove an IP address but not the individual who sent it from that IP address, so immediate doubt; similarly, if anyone sends an E-mail it is not secure as anyone with access to the recepients E-mails can open the document and edit the document and print it off and present an edited document as proof of what they received and you would have to prove fraud and which company employee committed this fraud.
This again casts doubt on your claim and anyone can delete an E-mail easily and you would need to get a court order, and a team of IT experts to interrogate their systems and this is very expensive to do, and they know it and use it because they know people in debt cannot afford these expertise.

Once a letter is posted into the post box it is classed as delivered and it then becomes the lawful responsibility of the recipient to PROVE non receipt of the letter and you turn the onus of lawful responsibility back on them.
If you send for example, the first of the three letters of the three letter process and you get no response then your original documents have a clear break between your first letter and your second letter, if this also has another break between letter two and letter three and letter three and your Estoppel then they cannot reasonably claim three letters they allegedly sent out by post didn't arrive, one letter maybe got lost in the post, but two or three, not even a judge would buy this.

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Do It In Writing Empty Re: Do It In Writing

Post by Mrblue on Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:27 am

Agreed, thanks Assassin

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Do It In Writing Empty Re: Do It In Writing

Post by LionsShare on Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:08 pm

excellent advice! I always put NOTICE-IN-WRITING

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Do It In Writing Empty Re: Do It In Writing

Post by Sponsored content

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