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Scottish Power and Face2Face

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Scottish Power and Face2Face  Empty Scottish Power and Face2Face

Post by MonsterM5 on Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:49 pm

Hi Guys

Good to be finally back on the forum after the last one went ...

Quick background on the Scottish Power saga...

Account has been in dispute since Feb 2018 as official complaint, the bills where sky high for electricity.. its been passed on to 4 complaint handlers because as soon each one admitted there seems to be a faulty meter a new handler would contact me demanding payment. After giving each one a burns test reading for 7-30 days they would all agree the readings are too high.. eventually after a year and half reached a dealock situation and refered to the ombudsman

In the mean time Scottish Power issued a defualt and instructed F2F DCA to collect payment £4340. Sent 1st of 3 letters to F2F along with removal of implied right of access amd got this letter today ...

Ombudsman has also said even though matter is with them SP have the right lawfully to demand payment if they believe the readings and bills to be correct

Will be sending letter 2 but need advice on how to respond on the implied right of access part of their letter ??

Scottish Power and Face2Face  15608610
Scottish Power and Face2Face  15608611


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Scottish Power and Face2Face  Empty Re: Scottish Power and Face2Face

Post by LionsShare on Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:04 pm

this is difficult even for me with the small amount of info I have gained & experienced over the last 2-3 years.

I always thought the utilities act 2000 was for commercial properties only, that's why they go to court for a warrent of entry to fit pre pay meters under the guise of health & safety - 1954 "boards" act. Read sections 1 + 2, could read whole act not too long.

there are the pre pay meter regulations 2006 1 for gas 1 for leccy, I think read section 4 to the affect "pre pay meters can be cancelled at any time as though the agreement had never been made." Please research this for yourself to confirm.

deemed contracts. I think its was in the case of beevis V parking eye in the deliberations of at least 1 judge, "you cannot have a deemed contract, you either have a contract or not." Again please research this for yourself to confirm.

regarding the implied right of access, have only sent to TV license & not had any probs so far. Perhaps some one else here can comment?

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Scottish Power and Face2Face  Empty Re: Scottish Power and Face2Face

Post by daveiron on Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:42 pm

Just in regards to the rights of access issue. All I can suggest is you inform them that you will require
a copy of their Public Liability Insurance, a copy of their Risk Assessment under the Health and Safety Act.
and copy of the Method Statement.under the same Act.

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Scottish Power and Face2Face  Empty Re: Scottish Power and Face2Face

Post by memegirl777 on Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:51 pm

Thank you that is ace Very Happy

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Not so newb

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Scottish Power and Face2Face  Empty Re: Scottish Power and Face2Face

Post by Sponsored content

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