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Money Shop Empty Money Shop

Post by assassin on Tue Jul 09, 2019 6:24 am

It is emerging that Money Shop are in financial difficulties and they are breaking all the rules, even more so than the resident scum bailiffs do, so what and how are they doing.

They are trying to rake in money for themselves and create more debt for their customers by creating more debt to trap them into, and anyone with a log book loan is at risk as they are failing to provide any paperwork to customers and going straight to debt collection and obtaining fraudulent court orders to achieve this, they are fabricating fraudulent paperwork which they ae claiming they are sending out to customers, but aren't sending out, and they are putting this before the courts/bulk centres en masse, to get the court orders to repossess cars to which they already hold the log books.

They get the bailiffs in and they contract to MSL, one of our favourite companies, and MSL are sending out lorries which are not properly equipped to lift vehicles safely and without causing damage to them, and causing damage is their sole intention, but why? because the cost of recovering a vehicle and selling it for scrap is less than the cost of the recovery so adding the recovery cost to the customers debt increases their debt and the customer pays.

MSL have lorries correctly equipped to lift cars and these consist of a flat bed truck with a Hiab or other make of lift, to this is attached a tested and LOLER certified and approved cruciform and from each corner of this there are four drop chains/straps to which are attached four approved locking devices to engage with the vehicles wheels and stand the chains/straps away from the vehicle bodywork, and the vehicle is lifted cleanly and safely onto the vehicles bed and it is driven away unscathed.
MSL also have more trucks equipped with just a Hiab and no cruciform and they go to an address and hope the vehicle is there and the owner isn't in, they smash the windows of the vehicle and put a chain through the smashed windows and lift the vehicle with this chain wrapped through the doors smashed windows and they lift it, this guarantees to damage the tops of the front doors and with the total vehicles weight being supported in a single chain, it trashes the roof of the vehicle and any vehicle with a trashed roof, even a brand new vehicle, is scrap.

This is happening now and anyone with further information PLEASE POST IT, AND WITH A VIDEO IF POSSIBLE.

It is suggested that newer vehicles trashed this way are being broken for spares and these spares fetch more money than a scrap vehicle sold solely for scrap, and older vehicles are being stripped for their metal content and many of the non ferrous metals such as engine blocks are being smelted down and cast into large ingots as these fetch more money than several vehicles are worth for scrap, so this is a large operation.

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