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Another Police Fraud

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Another Police Fraud Empty Another Police Fraud

Post by assassin on Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:12 am

During weeks of investigation it has been confirmed that there is a new po-lice scam and it isn't being noticed because of the way the system works; now, who remembers the po-lice being held to account for not providing evidence they are bound to provide under the rules of disclosure? it is relevant because this ties in to po-lice getting caught out for failing to disclose evidence in a High Court case as this is part of the scam.

So, what is the scam?

If you are arrested and refuse to give your details, or you give details and the lice are intent on a fraudulent prosecution then they have to produce evidence, so far so good, but what happens when there is no evidence, they fabricate it and this is actually very simply done.

When a plod makes a statement there are rules which must be followed and if there are two or more of them then they must be in different rooms or even buildings to make them and this is to prevent fraud, and if they are all sat at the side of each other they can discuss it and decide what to write and they all write the same thing in slightly different ways and all their statements match, so what are these statements written on? witness statement forms and these come in two types, computer templates and hand written forms.


Obviously the next question is why?

If you hand write a witness statement form you can have as many plod sat in the same room and they can discuss what they are going to write and what they are going to fabricate on the form and there is no proof that they have done this, basically they are screwing you over. Your word against theirs and guess who's word any court will take.
If they use the computer forms they have to be on a computer and if they log on it contains the date and time they have logged on, and more importantly it shows which computer they have logged onto and its exact location, and this is crucial to understand; if three lice log onto three computers in the same room at the same time then you can prove collusion, you can show they have discussed what they are going to put in their statements; slam dunk case dismissed and a claim against them.

So why do they use hand written witness statement forms and get away with it? because it leaves no electronic trace and as the High Court ordered a po=lice computer interrogation of a number of serious cases where evidence was not disclosed and found corrupt lice made one statement to bring charges, and another totally different statement which was issued to the court in the court bundle and the lice have learned from this and now regularly hand write statements solely to bring charges.

Part 2 of their scam is to eliminate their numerous mistates and they read your statement first and then make their second computer statement and bring it into line with your statement, totally illegal and pure fraud, but once again try proving it, and by haveng both their, and the defendants statements more closely aligned it makes it easier for them to relay most of their statement as it happened and only have to remember their lies and this is much easier for them and to get a conviction.

In the last few weeks I have seen some interesting claims made where they have used this two statement scam and a few are below:

Original statement - he was travelling at 20 MPH on a 60 MPH area, second statement - he was travelling at 30-40- MPH.
Interestingly this road was 30 MPH and changed to a 60 MPH, and notice how the speeds have been dropped in the second statement.

Original statement - the driver was wandering all over the road and his manner of driving and time of night gave us cause to think he was drunk, second statement - I stopped him to check his driving license and insurance
Several issues here, the place of the incident had a central row of bollards set into the road, if he had been wandering all over the road he would have collided with them; the driver was breathalysed and blew a big fat 0 as he was tee total, the time of night is irrelevant as more drunk drivers are caught in the morning. Why did he stop him to check his license and insurance and what suspicions did he have to suggest he had no license and insurance? the lice openly admitted they did a PNC check prior to stopping him and this shows the vehicle as insured, so a fraudulent stop with no evidence to suggest he had no license, lovely claim on this one.

Original statement - the driver was parked in the car park of a public house at around closing time, he failed to indicate at an island, stalled the vehicle at the island, and he accelerated off rapidly as police approached, second statement - the location of the vehicle was in the proximity of a public house, he failed to indicate at an island, he appeared to stall the vehicle at the island, he accelerated from the police vehicle as we approached him from the rear.

This vehicle was a V12 Aston Martin, it was a hire vehicle and fitted with a data recorder, front and rear inbuilt cameras and a high tech tracking system accurate to less than 1 metre and the driver was a well known barrister who brings a lot of po-lice corruption cases. The GPS tracking system showed the vehicle parked near a pub as the driver stopped to take a phone call and didn't know how to connect his bluetooth to the car, it also showed him driving at 30 MPH to an island and as he approached it he indicated left, and as it was a traffic light controlled island he put the automatic (can't stall) into park at the red traffic lights, as they changed he put it into drive and accelerated left onto a motorway slip road which is 70 MPH and with 600 BHP your lice Astra diesel isn't going to catch it on acceleration to 70 MPH.

In all these cases the lice made hand written statements which were full of lies, in each case they were double crewed cars, and in each case these hand written statements were used to bring charges against the drivers and once charges were bought, none of these statements were ever disclosed, only the second statements, these being the computer statement forms, were ever disclosed, and in each case they all had the duty solicitor who photographed these hand written statements with their mobile phones as most phones have a document copy facility on them.
In each case the po-lice denied making two statements and using a hand written one to breing charges using fabricated evidence, and they changed them to bring their statements in line with the defendants after the fact, when they were shown in court it was instantly case dismissed for po-lice fraud.


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Another Police Fraud Empty Re: Another Police Fraud

Post by assassin on Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:28 am

How does the system fail?

If you are arrested and charged you get the option of a solicitor, you can use your own solicitor or the duty solicitor and mosy duty solicitors are large organisations with several offices across a specific area, or even nationally, and the duty solicitors work shifts which means one duty solicitor will be on call for a week, they next week it will be another solicitor from the same company. Often this brings in work for their company as many people on low incomes qualify for various aid and they operate in the belief that by retaining the same company that it is easier for them, and often it is.

In most cases the duty solicitor will take notes of the key points in the po-lice statements and often the disparities, and if a case comes to court you will often be issued with a different solicitor in a different office, within the same company and the duty solicitor will E-mail their notes to your appointed solicitor. Your solicitor will work with these notes and build a defence, so what happens if the duty solicitor is not very good, or, it is 3.00am when they are called out and tired and make a mistake, or the appointed solicitor misinterprets the notes; and yes the po-lice know this.

This is why it is so important to get the duty solitor and to get the duty solicitor to photograph the hand written statements using the document copy facility on their mobile phone so you have actual copies of these statements to prove they exist, and to have the exact details of all the po-lice claims. When they produce their second computer typed statements you have proof they existed, and all the fraudulent claims they have made in the first statement to compare with their second statement to prove po-lice fraud.

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