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Zeroed Council Tax

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Zeroed Council Tax Empty Zeroed Council Tax

Post by daveiron on Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:41 am

Below is a copy of a letter / claim used to get a CT bill zeroed.
Acknowledgement to the young lady please visit subscribe & like her Youtube channel  -the e word-
a link to the video .
Thanks to kestrel for finding this.

This is a copy in its entirety .It is important that you add / delete as appropriate to you.
Also expect to be asked by the council for proof of why you are claiming.

Contact your council to obtain the name of their 151 officer and address the claim to him/her.
Please provide feedback to us if you try this method.

Dear barnsley council,

RE: your name

RE: your address

RE: Application for council tax discretionary reduction – section 13A(1)(c) Local Government Finance Act 1992

I write to apply for discretionary reduction in the amount of council tax under section 13(A) of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

I am living at the above property and wish to make an application under Section 13a of the Local Government Finance Act for a reduction to zero and refunded. This is separate to any entitlement I may have under the local council tax reduction scheme.

Accordingly, please treat this letter as an application for a discretionary reduction and refund on my property on which I pay council tax. My reasons for applying for a discretionary reduction and refund are as follows:

1, I seek a reduction and refund in my council tax on account of financial hardship.I have been living in financial hardship as a single person for the past ?? years.

2, In addition, I request that you take the following into consideration: I am being treated for long term ?? and ??.

3, Wil-ful neglect from my landlord your housing association Berneslai Homes, as many many repair's have been left unfinished since ?? to my home and they remain unfinished to this day. I have completion dates sent to me from Berneslai Homes to prove this.

4, The Council is engaged in funding acts of Terrorism in breach of Article 3 Section 15 of the Terrorism Act 2000

5, The Council is engaged in funding of Hydraulic Fracturing a process that will contaminate the UK water supply.

6, The Council instructing unauthorized 3rd party interlopers to enforce Council Tax by threatening me with enforcement action in breach of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

I include the following evidence I wish you to consider:

1, Months & month's worth of removal notice's and committal to prison letter's from your 3rd party interloper Rossendales ltd that clearly show's that they are attempting to "levy distress" something that can only be carried out with a Court Order by a registered Enforcement Officer.




Please note that your 3rd party interloper Rossendales LTD are demanding money with menace's and they do not have any legal right or contract to harass me in relation to Council Tax. Rossendales LTD are 3rd party interlopers working on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council without a signed contract from myself, therefor, i am under no legal obligation to communicate with Rossendales LTD. Please provide the basis for which they are allowed to threaten a Vulnerable person.

Barnsley Council also appear to be acting without any lawful and legal authority in relation to enforcement of Council Tax. Can you provide me with the legal basis for which the Council are enforcing the payment of Council Tax? i.e a copy of the Liability Order issued by a Magistrates Court, not the council issued liability Order ?

Naturally, I hope that you will award a discretionary reduction in my case.

Please note: in the event you do not accept my application, I am entitled to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal England under section 16 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you within eight weeks of the date of this letter.

Kindest regards

your name

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